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12U / 14U Area 2J

Coaches, remember that the home team for the first match is responsible for taking the corner flags and game balls from the snack shack storage shed out to the field and installing the flags. The Home team for the last match is responsible for gathering the corner flags and game balls and returning them to the snack shack storage room.

For Week 1, Saturday, September 9, 2017

  256-12UG-01 vs 256-12UG-02 at 10:30 on field 2
  256-12UB-01 vs 256-12U-B02 at 12:00 on field 2

  64-14UB-01 vs 256-14UB-01 at 10:30 at Miller Middle school
  64-14UG-01 vs 256-14UG-01 at 1:30 at Miller Middle school

Information for the 2017 season has not been posted yet.

For the 12U and 14U divisions, the schedules are on the Fall Schedules webpage of the Area 2J website.

Some of the 12U and 14U matches are away. Not all of the venues play rain-or-shine like we do. For field location and field status of the Santa Clara County fields, see the Area 2J field status site by clicking here.