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Team Training Schedule

The training schedules for the teams are below. The information is grouped by divisions. U06 teams what wish to train must use open space either around the U10 field or by the U08 fields on the combo field (the large field where the softball fields are located). U08 teams have priority over other age divisions for the use of the U08 fields. U10 teams have priority over other age divisions for the use of the U10 field. The U12 teams have priority over other ages divisions for the use of the U12 field. And the U14 and U16 teams have priority over other age divisions for the use of the U14/U16 field.

Teams are allotted one-half of a lined field for training. Teams that are scheduled to train have priority. A team can only use the entire field if no team is scheduled for the other half. Teams can use the entire field to scrimmage another team only if no team is scheduled to use the other half, or, prior to the day of the scrimmage, the coach of the team scheduled for the other half has been contacted and given permission for their half to be used, but it should not become a regular occurrence where the same team is always scheduling scrimmages and asking other teams to sacrifice their use of the field. Teams can train on days they are not scheduled for, but they can not bump a scheduled team from the field - they may have to use open space on the combo field. A team having a late-start for their training still has priority; another team can use the field up until when the scheduled team arrives, then they must relocate to another area to train.

In the event that a fall softball teams is using softball field #5 (the one with the scoreboard) or #6, the one to the south of #5, for practice, the soccer teams MUST train away from that area. The softball teams will not be practicing during game times on Saturday, but may be out there Monday - Friday, Saturday after 1PM, or on Sunday.

There are two time slots for training; 3:30 - 5:00 and 5:00 - dusk. Teams can start before their allotted time slot, or run past it, as long as it does not conflict with another team's scheduled training. For 2016, there are no teams signed-up for the 3:30 slots. 

Abuse of the above guidelines may result in a team's loss of scheduled field usage and they will only be allowed to use open space. This may sound harsh, but there have been cases in the past where coaches have taken advantage of others, scheduling scrimmages and bumping other teams from their use of the field over and over again. It is true that after a couple of weeks of training, players would rather spend more of their time playing scrimmages and scrimmages are a good training tool. But the scrimmage opportunities should be distributed and not dominated by one or two teams and the expense of others.

At the bottom of this page is a file containing the training schedule for the teams entitled 2016_TrainingSchedule.pdf.

Due to the number of U10 teams practicing on Tuesdays and Thursdays, some teams will need to use open space or part of field 3 (the big field used by the U14 and above teams) which is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The use of the open space will be rotated so that all teams will get a chance to use the U10 field. Please see the file attached to this web page entitled 2016-U10TrainingRotation.pdf.

U06B-01 (Muster)
U06B-02 (Walker)
U06B-03 (Ransome)  
U06B-04 (Morales)
U06B-05 (Vasquez)
U06B-06 (Puffer)
U06B-07 (Tabor/Duminy): Wed at 5:00
U06G-01 (Salden)
U06G-02 (Kruse)
U06G-03 (Garcia): Tue at 5:00
U06G-04 (Morrow)
U06G-05 (Fish/Harman)
U08B-01 (Ruiz): Tue, Thur at 5:00
U08B-02 (Garcia): Mon, Wed at 5:00
U08B-03 (Buckner): Tue, Thur at 6:00
U08B-04 (Ingraham): Wed at 5:00
U08G-01 (Cordero): Fri at 5:30
U08G-02 (Brown):  Tue at 5:30
U08G-03 (Janisch): Wed at 5:45
U08G-04 (Del Toro): Tue, Thur at 5:30
U10B-01 (Hamilton):  Wed, Thur
U10B-02 (Puffer):  Tue, Thur
U10B-03 (Joseph): Mon, Wed
U10B-04 (Blanco): Mon, Wed
U10G-01 (Torres): Mon, Wed
U10G-02 (Morrow): Tue, Thur
U10G-03 (Harman): Tue, Thur
U10G-04 (Misner): Tue
U12B-01 (Emerson): Tue, Thur at 5:30PM on Field 2
U12B-02 (Gonzalez): Mon, Wed on field 2
U12G-01 (Blanco): Mon, Wed at 6:30PM on Field 2
U12G-02 (Lopez): Tue, Thur at 5:00 on Field 2
U14B-01 (Banks):  Tue, Fri on Field 3
U14G-01 (Smith):  Tue, Fri on Field 3

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