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Picture Schedule

Make Up Picture Day for the 2017 Fall season is Saturday, October 14th from 9AM - 11AM, with the VIP group having the 10AM - 10:30AM time slot. The make up picture day is for players that missed the original picture day or for players that need retakes. Coaches should encourage even the players that don't need retakes to show up for the team picture.

For more details and to arrange a time, the team parent or coach should send an email to: Parents should notify their child's team parent or coach regarding their desire to take pictures on the make up picture day. 

Coaches--  Please let your players know that you have to be checked in 15 minutes before your photo time. If your team is not complete we will have to take pictures without the missing players.

Parents--  We are using a new local photographer this year. They have really better prices and great quality. They have done other leagues in the area and do a great job with the pictures. Please come and look at their packets and see what they have to offer.


Coaches need to have their teams gather 15 minutes before their photo time. Some photos slots have two teams scheduled, but there is only one photographer. Whichever team is ready first will start first.

8:45  U-16 Coed – Villarreal

9:00  U6-G2 – Draeger

9:00  U8-B6 Kelly

9:10   U8-G4 for Garcia

9:30  U14 – B1 Kelso

9:30   U10-G4 Cordero

9:45   U8-B5 Perez

10:00  VIP Group

10:35  U10-B1 Garcia

10:45 U10-B4 Fuentes

10:50 U14-G1 Silva

10:50 U12-B2 Van Der Kroef 

If you need to take your individual photo you can come between 9:00-10:00 and 10:30-10:50.  The photographer is scheduled to be done at 11:00.