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Picture Day

Picture Day for the 2018 Fall season is Saturday, September 22nd. The Picture Day coordinator will create a schedule that will be posted on this page.

The photographer will be setup on the south end of the large combo field shared with softball, where soccer field 6 (an 8U field) is located. To view the field map of our soccer complex, click here.

If there are questions or if a team decides to skip Picture Day and take their pictures on the Make-up Picture Day, the coach or team parent should send an email to:

Make-up Picture Day is Saturday, October 20th. The Make-Up day is when the VIP division takes their pictures and there will be a time slot set aside for them. It is also for players or teams that did not have pictures taken on the first Picture Day and those individuals that need retakes.There will be a limited number of time slots, so teams and individuals should do their best to have their pictures taken on the first Picture Day. If an individual player is having their picture taken on the Make-Up day, the shoot will include another team picture. We ask that the coach encourage the full team to show up for the make-up picture so that as many players as possible can be in the team picture taken on that day.

Coaches--  Please let your players know that you have to be checked in 15 minutes before your photo time. It is suggested that you have your team arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time as there are forms that need to be filled out for each player and a team form that identifies the team and coach. If your team is not complete we will have to take pictures without the missing players. It is required that each team have someone in charge of organizing the players. The players will need to be in a certain order which will be communicated to each team and the players need to stay in that order. If players get out of order, then some players will receive the wrong pictures.

Parents--  If you player is going to miss the first Picture Day, please inform the coach or team parent. In addition to the league-provided picture packet, the photographer offers several other packages. They have good prices and great quality. They have done other leagues in the area and do a great job with the pictures. Please come and look at their packets and see what they have to offer.


Coaches need to have their teams gather and all forms completed 15 minutes before their photo time. Some photos slots have two teams scheduled, but if there is only one photographer at that time, whichever team is ready first will start first.

Generally, the picture time slots that teams are scheduled for are just prior to when they would warm-up for their match.

The 2018 Picture Day schedule is in the PDF file below..

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