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Opening Day

August 26th is the Opening Day for our 2017 Fall soccer season. Please join us at the Manzanita Youth Sport Complex for a fun day and BBQ.

NOTE: we will accept printed registration forms (two copies please) on Opening Day. There could be a week or two delay on placing those players on to a team. 

The 06U - 10U players will be divided-up into teams to play some friendly games. Depending on the number of 12U and 14U players, they may also play friendly games. An even number of teams will be created for each division. The size of the teams for a division will be determined by the number of players at Opening Day. It is possible that not all teams will have an equal number of players. Please arrive on time in order to ensure your child is placed on a team and get to participate. These are not the teams that will be created for the regular season - they are just for the friendly games held on Opening Day. 

For the 06U division, we will form as many teams as we can and have them play a short match.

For the 08U and above teams, we will try to have four teams for each division. The teams will play in a single elimination-type format. Team #1 will play team #2 and team #3 will play team #4. The winners of those matches will advance to the final round. The duration of the matches will be determined by the number of teams, but will be approximately 7 - 10 minutes each. There are no substitutions - every player on the team will be on the field.

Schedule of events:
  • 10:00AM - Start of Opening Day, some announcements
  • 10:30AM - Team formation for the mini tournament. Players that arrive after 10:30AM may miss being placed on a team for the day's fun games
  • 11:00AM - 06U matches begin on field 1, 08U matches begin on field 2, 10U matches begin on field 3
  • 11:45AM (after the 10U matches are completed) - 12U/14U match(es) begin on field 3. Field 2 will be used if necessary.
  • 12:30PM (after the 12U/14U match(es) are completed) - final announcements