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Player assessments/tryouts

One of the six AYSO philosophies is Balanced Teams. A key factor in starting the season with teams that are balanced are the assessments. The assessments are meant for all registered players, though there may be certain days and/or times for different divisions. This is in contrast to team training, which will be for a specific team. Once teams are formed, each coach will determine the weekly training schedule for their team.

NOTE: Players must be registered before they can be assessed. Information on player registration can be found by clicking here.

After your have registered your child, plan on having them attend at least one assessment session for their division. At the assessments the players will be evaluated. Based on the evaluation, the players will be distributed across the teams to balance out the abilities and ages of players assigned to each team. The assessments occur before the regular team training starts but not all age divisions are assessed.

In most cases players will not be placed onto a team until they have been assessed, thus it is critical that you make sure your player attends at least one assessment. If, due to time constraints, a unassessed player is assigned to a team, it is possible that the player will be moved if the teams are determined to be out of balance. Players that register after teams have been formed may have to wait before being assigned to a team in order for an assessment to take place.

Assessment schedule information can be found on our calendar. Assessments are only held for the 8U, 10U and 12U divisions.

Why no assessments for divisions below 8U? These teams are created looking at ages of the players and the schools the players attend (when applicable).

Why no assessments for divisions above 12U? We normally only have one team per age and gender division for the older players. Thus, there is no need to evaluate the players in order to create balanced teams. If there are enough players to warrant assessments, then they will be scheduled. In place of assessments, the coaches for these teams will simply schedule team training.