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About the fall season

The fall season is our most popular soccer season. We offer U06 (4 and 5-year-olds), U08 (6 and 7-year-olds), U10 (8 and 9-year-olds), U12 (10 and 11-year-olds), U14 (12 and 13-year-olds), U16 (14 and 15-year-olds) and U19 (16 thru 18-year-olds) divisions. 

The playing age of a child is determined by their age as of July 31 of the current year. If a child is 7 on July 31, then they are in the U08 division. If a child is 8 on July 31, then they are in the U10 division. The child is considered to be at that playing age for the entire AYSO year, which runs from August 1st of the current year through July 31 of the following year. Thus, if a child's playing age is 11 on July 31 (a U12 player) and turns 12 afterwards, that child is still considered to be 11 as far as their playing age is concerned. If you are unsure of your child's playing age, AYSO has a chart to help determine it. You can see the chart by clicking here.

We form boy teams and girl teams. The matches for the fall season start the weekend after Labor Day and end two weekends before Thanksgiving, making a 10-week season.

Our matches are played on Saturdays for the U06 - U14 divisions and on Sundays for the U16 and U19 divisions. The Saturdays starts with the U06 players going from 9AM to 10AM; the U08 matches are at 10AM and 11AM; the U10 matches start at 10:30AM; the U12 and U14 home matches can start as early as 10AM. On Sundays the home matches normally start at 2PM or later.

For the U12 and above divisions, we have matches against teams from the West San Jose, Saratoga, Cupertino, downtown San Jose and Evergreen (East San Jose) regions. Roughly half of the matches are home and half are away, so there is traveling required for the older divisions. The away matches will normally start no earlier than 10AM.

In addition to the regular season, qualifying U10 - U14 teams have the opportunity to participate in the Area 2J tournament. More information on the Area 2J tournament can be found by clicking here.