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Fall 2018 Season

Fall 2018
Make It Happen For The Kids!

AYSO no longer accepts hand-written sign-up forms for players and voluteers, so everybody must preregister online at

As part of the online preregistration, we are using electronic signatures for player and volunteer signups. It is simple to use and allows for more privacy protection. Directions are located on the registration information page (located under the "Parent - General Information) subpages, or click here.

For our fall sign-up schedule, click here.

For information on the Opening Day activities for this year, click here.

The first official matches of the season kick-off on Saturday, September 8th. Schedules will be posted once they are completed. The Playground, 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U divisions play on Saturdays. The basic break-down of matches held at Manzanita Park for each Saturday of the season is:
  • 8:45AM - set-up of the 6U fields, we need help from the 6U teams
  • 9:00AM - Training session for the 6U teams
  • 9:15AM - Activities for the Playground division start and last about 30 minutes
  • 9:30AM - Soccer matches for the 6U teams
  • 9:55AM - 6U matches end and the cones and goals for the 6U fields are removed
  • 10:00AM - 10U teams that play at 10:30AM take the field for warm-ups
  • 10:00AM - First set of 8U matches of the day
  • 10:00AM - VIP division start their matches
  • 10:00AM or later - First 12U and/or 14U matches of the day
  • 10:30AM - First 10U match of the day
  • 11:00AM - Final set of 8U matches of the day (*)
(*) On picture day, and make-up picture day, there will be one or more 8U matches at 12:00PM.

The 16U and above divisions play on Sundays. The home matches for our teams in those divisions will normally start at 2:00PM or later.

Note: All of the 6U matches must be completed, and the field equipment collected and placed by the Snack Shack, before 10AM. This requires the 6U soccer matches to start no later than 9:30AM. If a team starts their training session late, that DOES NOT mean their soccer match will start late. If the 6U matches run late such that the field is not cleared by 10AM, then the start of the 6U training schedule for all teams will be moved up to 8:45AM, which will also move up the field setup start time.

Soccer Field #1, the one where the soccer Snack Shack is located, is used for the Playground, 6U and 10U divisions. Soccer Field #2, the one back behind the Snack Shack, is used for the 12U divisions. Soccer Field #3, the big lower field, is used for the 14U and above divisions. The combo field, where the softball fields and restrooms are located, is used for the 8U divisions (soccer fields 4 - 6) and for VIP.

For the 8U division, the matches are 1 hour apart, with the first ones starting at 10:00AM. Normally, the last set of matches start at 11:00AM. However, on picture day and the make-up picture day, the area by soccer field 6 is used to take pictures. On those days, we will only have use of two of the three 8U field. Thus, we may have a 12:00PM time slot for 8U matches.

For the 10U division, the matches are 1 hour and 15 minutes apart, with the first starting at 10:30AM. Thus, if there are four matches, the times are 10:30AM, 11:45AM, 1:00PM and 2:15PM.

For the 12U and 14U divisions, the first match is no earlier than 10:00AM and are scheduled 1.5 hours apart. Due to the extremely low number of referees in our region that are qualified to officiate these age divisions, we might not be able to have 12U and 14U matches at the same time.

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