Online and Classroom Training for Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering to help our Region. Without volunteers, we would not be able to operate our Region. There are several roles that volunteers can choose from:
  • General purpose, regional volunteer
    • Emptying trash cans
    • Helping in the snack Shack
    • Filling gopher holes
    • Other miscellaneous activities
  • Coach, assistant coach, team parent
  • Referee
  • Division coordinator
  • Scheduler
  • Communications
  • Field setup
  • VIP Buddy
For youths that are attending high school, they can earn community service hours by volunteering. You can obtain more information on this at the Snack Shack.

Every person that registers as a volunteer must take the AYSO Safe Haven course. This is a free online course and must be taken at the start of every fall season, which is the start of the AYSO year. Coaches must also take the CDC Concussion Awareness training - this course only needs to be taken once and it is also free. 

Before one is able to receive credit for taking a course, the person must first register as a volunteer. That is done from Blue Sombrero. To register as a volunteer:
  • log-in to
  • If you have not done so already, create an account by clicking on Register
  • If you already have an account, click on Login
  • After selecting that you would like register as a volunteer, fill-in the volunteer application and submit it
    • If another family member (spouse or child) is going to volunteer, instructions on how to add an additional user to your account are contained in the PDF file listed at the bottom of this page. Note: they will need to have their own unique email address
  • From your My Account page, click on Volunteer Opportunities
  • Click on Find Volunteer Roles
  • Select the program you want to volunteer for (e.g. for the 2018 Fall program, select 2018 Fall Core) the +SELECT will change to SELECTED with a check-mark above it
  • Click on View Roles
  • Roles are listed by division name. For example, in each division, you will find the Coach role. Select the role that you are interested in. If you want to coach more than one division, you must sign up as a coach for each of the divisions.
    • NOTE: for referees, if you want to referee in more than one division, simple select the youngest division you want to referee for - you do not need to sign up as a referee for every division as that can take a lot of time and the system does not currently have an easy way to copy your information across to multiple roles
  • You may need to click on Show More a few times to find the role you want to volunteer for
  • Once you have selected all of the roles you want to volunteer for, click on Continue at the bottom of the page


The AYSO training website has changed to This new site is used for online training as well as live courses.

To take an online course:
  • Login to your sccount (if not already logged in to it)
  • from your Account page, click on HOME
  • On the HOME page, click on AYSOU (it is a little below the LOGOUT button)
  • On the AYSO U portal page, click on login
  • Once logged-in, click on My Courses
  • You will see AYSO's Safe Haven and CDC: Concussion Course
  • Click on the Safe Haven to take the free online course. The Safe Haven course must be taken every year
  • (If necessary) click on the Concussion Course to take the free online course. The Concussion Course is required for coaches, assistant coaches and referees but only needs to be taken once, not every year like Safe Haven
The Safe Haven and Concussion course are free. There are other courses that can be taken online. There is a $7.00 charge for most of them. Volunteers are reimbursed for any course fees - simply print a copy of your receipt of payment and turn it in at the Snack Shack and our treasurer will write a refund check for the volunteer.

To register for the 6U, 8U or 10U coach training:
  • Click on eCommerce
  • Click on Coach Training
  • Click on See Details for the coach training you want to take
  • Click on Buy Now (if you only want to take this one course) or Add to Cart (if you want to take additional courses - after you are done adding to your cart, click on Cart under eCommerce)
  • Pay for the course
    • Remember to print your receipt so you can be reimbursed
  • The course(s) you purchased will appear under My Courses. Click Open to start the course. You are allowed to stop at any point and resume at a later time
To register for a live course:
  • On AYSOU, click on Live Courses
  • If you know the starting date of the live course you want to attend, click on the date in the calendar. If you are not sure, click on Show All.
  • Find the course title that you want to register for and click on Sessions
  • Scroll through the list of offerings for the course. Once you have found the one you want to take, click on the course - this will expand the description. Verify that it is actually the course you are interested in. If it is, click on Register. You will then be registered for the course.
  • To unregister for a course, find the course offering again and click on it to expand the description. You will find an Unregister button - you may need to scroll down in the description to find the button. Click on Unregister and you will then be unregistered for that course offering.

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