About Region 256

AYSO Region 256 @

Manzanita Youth Sports Complex

Manzanita Park

17100 Castroville Blvd

Prunedale, CA 93907

AYSO Region 256 is the southern-most region in AYSO Area 2J, Section 2. Area 2J consists of regions from West San Jose (Region 64), Cupertino (Region 35), Saratoga (Region 27), Evergreen (Region 1590) and Downtown San Jose (Region 1631). AYSO Section 2 consists of Areas that cover Northern California (from our region up to the Oregon border), Northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

We play at the Manzanita Youth Sports Complex located in Monterey County's beautiful Manzanita Park in Prunedale. Our complex is roughly 10 miles from Salinas, 20 miles from Monterey and 60 miles from San Jose. It takes approximately 15 minutes from Salinas, 25 minutes from Monterey and an hour travel time from San Jose with no traffic. Due to our proximity to the Monterey Penninsula, for matches that start in the middle of the day (noon to 2PM), allow at least an additional 30 minutes travel time from San Jose as the traffic can get quite heavy during that part of the day – checking Google Maps, or some other service, is recommended. Directions to our facility can be found on our Park Directions page. Local restaurants include The Giant Artichoke, The Country Kitchen, McDonalds, Burger King, The Patio (burgers and more), Taco Bell, Subway, Stevie's, Roundtable Pizza, Mountain Mike's pizza, three Chinese, two Japanese and several small mom-and-pop Mexican food and seafood restaurants in Castroville, Prunedale and Moss Landing.

The Prunedale Shopping Center is the closest to the park, and is on the same side of Hwy 101 as the park. The Prunetree Shopping Center is about five minutes further away, on the opposite side of Hwy 101. The places to eat in Castroville and Moss Landing are about 10 minutes from the park. Note: to get to the Moss Landing establishments, you do need to get onto Hwy 1 - which can be a challenge depending on the traffic.

We support teams for the Playground, 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 19U divisions and offer both boys and girls teams. The Playground division is for players as young as 3. The 6U division is for players that are 4 and 5, The 08U division is for players that are 6 and 7U, and so on. Starting with the 12U age division, we interlock with teams from the other Area 2J regions from San Jose, Saratoga and Cupertino. About half of those matches are away and half are at home, so travel is required. Except for the 16U and 19U divisions, games are played on Saturdays - 16U and 19U play on Sundays. The matches are played over 8 - 10 weeks, starting the weekend after Labor Day and ending two weekends before Thanksgiving. For the 10U, 12U and 14U divisions, we also participate in the Area 2J post-season tournament. In that tournament, select teams compete for the Area 2J championships which are held in the West San Jose/Saratoga/Curpertino area and, every other year, at Manzanita Park (for the 14U division). The winners of the Area 2J tournament are given the first opportunity to advance to the Section 2 tournament, normally held the second weekend in December in Foster City. And the winners of the Section 2 tournament are given the first opportunity to advance to the AYSO Western States Championships in the Spring (usually in March) of the following year - the location changes each year.

We also have a Very Important Player (VIP) program for individuals with disabilities. As part of expanding our offerings, in 2017 we added an AYSO Playground division, which is for 3-year olds.

Our facility includes a Snack Shack and restrooms. We have dedicated fields for our 10U, 1U2 and 14U+ divisions. Our 8U and VIP divisions play on fields shared with the complex's youth softball league and our 6U and Playground divisions utilize the 10U field prior to the start of the 10U matches. All of our fields are natural grass and we play rain-or-shine – so extra clothes and plastic bags for muddy soccer clothes (and for use as seat protectors) are recommended for wet weather.