Changes to Fall Registration

For the 2022 Fall season we are aiming to form team much earlier than in the past. In order accomplish this, the majority of the players need to be signed up by mid-July. This will allow us to form initial teams by the end of July. By doing this we will be able to order jerseys so that they will arrive in time. and teams will starting their training sessions the first part of August. With the teams formed, we will hold the first picture day on the region's opening day - scheduled for August 27th.

Beginning the first part of July there will be player assessments. This is aid in the formation of balanced teams.


        • Not all divisions require assessments. More information can be found here

        • There will be more than one opportunity for each age division

        • For players that have not been assessed prior to the teams being formed (and, thus, not yet on a team)

          • The unallocated players will be invited to attend a training session in order to be assessed. The team that a player is assessed with is not necessarily the team the player will be placed on

          • Unallocated players will not necessarily be assigned to a team immediately. A group of unallocated players will be assigned to the teams to help maintain a balance of players across the teams

          • Players assigned to a team subsequent to the initial team formation might not receive their uniforms by the first picture day or the first match - this is why registering early and attending an assessment is VERY important

Changes to the Opening Day Ceremonies (the Saturday before Labor Day weekend)

      • Picture Day will occur on the same day as the Opening Day Ceremonies

      • A Parade of Teams will be part of the Opening Day Ceremonies where each team will be introduced

Registration referrals

      • We will be offering a $10 credit for the referral of a new player. If a player refers four new players, that player will receive a $40 credit

      • A player can receive credit for up to the amount of their registration fees, but not more than that

      • The referral credit will be received the second half of October (exact cut-off for referral credit eligibility is to be determined)

      • More information can be found here

An integral part of being able to form teams early is coach volunteer registration. Coach volunteers need to register much earlier than in the past. Ideally, all coaches will be registered by the time the players' assessments begin.