AYSO Pet Policy

The National AYSO organization is now requiring that no dogs be on or near the soccer fields. This applies to training/practice days and game days. For Manzanita, since it is a county park, dogs are allowed but MUST be on a leash. However, for the soccer fields, dogs are now restricted to certain areas - they must be away from the fields. And by fields, that does not mean just the lined soccer fields. They are basically restricted from being on the grass area where the soccer fields are located:
  • U08 and VIP fields: dogs must remain on the perimeter road which encircles that area
  • 10U field: on the south side of the field (the Snack Shack side), dogs must be no closer to the field than the bleachers. On the north side of the field, dogs must be at the tree line
  • 12U field: dogs must be on the hillside. No dogs allowed on the fence side
  • 14U and above field: dogs must be along the dirt road that leads to the Snack Shack
We don't have an option regarding these restrictions - they are mandated to us as part of our ability to carry AYSO insurance. We know that many of you love to bring your dogs to the park, and that can continue, but we must abide by these new restrictions, which have been implemented for the safety of the players and spectators.

Please note that many of the fields that some of our teams travel to in the Bay Area do not allow dogs in the facility at all.

If you have questions about this policy, contact the National AYSO organization.