On behalf of the kids, the board and all of AYSO, "THANK YOU!!!" Thank you for volunteering with AYSO, we all hope your experience will be an enjoyable and rewarding one.  

You will be contacted at the appropriate time, depending on what position you volunteered for.  In the mean time, please review the volunteer position descriptions to familiarize yourself with what may be required of you.

Volunteer Position Descriptions:

* AYSO Safe Haven certification is required for these positions, it's for the kids.
Safe Haven certification is encouraged for these positions.

Please remember!

A volunteer application form must be submitted each year. It is easiest and most secure
if you supply or update your information online through eAYSO. The online form can be printed out, signed and dated and submitted.  Alternatively, an you may submit a paper AYSO volunteer application form.  The form is extremely important because it authorizes AYSO to perform applicant screening. You should know that as a volunteer you are subject to screening. Criminal background checks are performed at the NSTC on a targeted basis focusing on certain higher-risk positions for immediate checking.

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