Team Managers

-- Field Striping Schedules

Team Managers: Please notify your team's Field Volunteers:
This is not your coach's job.

-- Safe Haven Certification

Team Managers are expected to complete the Coach level Safe Haven Certification and can use the online version.  Coaches and referees are expected to take an in person training; however team managers are allowed to complete their training from the comfort and convenience of their own home.  When you successfully complete the course, you will be able to print out a certificate for your records.


Q:  How do I get my eAYSO number required for the online trainings?
A:  Contact our CVPA Administrator(, who can provide you your number.  It is created when you participate as a volunteer, and remains the same.  However, every year you volunteer you need to complete the volunteer application for yourself (with your child’s registration), and she processes it to make your eAYSO number “current”.  If you need your number, or need to confirm that your 2008 volunteer application is complete, please contact her at the above email address.

Q:  Do I have to do the Safe Haven training course every year?
A:  No.  Once completed, you will be in compliance in the system for future years’ work as a team manager volunteer.  However, should you choose another year to volunteer as a coach or referee; you will have to complete their required level of Safe Haven training.

Q:  I missed the deadline for the online trainings (BASIC and Safe Haven).  Now what?
A:  Continue to take the online courses as soon as you are able.  Completion data will be pulled from the national database at several intervals.

-- Can you help us by volunteering to be a team manager?

Q: Am I the right person for this job?
A: If you are comfortable interacting with kids as well as adults, this could be a good fit for you!

Q: Do I have the skills to do this job easily?
A: Do you like organizing and planning, and are you able to utilize email? These are good skills for this job. 

Q: I’m too busy; what is the commitment?

A: Do you worry that you are too busy? Many of the tasks are administrative, and can be done on your own time (publishing a team roster, developing a snack schedule, arranging for a banner to be made, organizing an end of the year party). On occasion you will have to distribute items, or collect money, and this is most easily done during game times, which are on Saturdays. 

Q: I work full time. Is there a way that I could help outside of Monday-Friday? 
A: Are you a working manager, and want to participate in your child’s sport experience? This is a great way to help out. Many managers lament that with work commitments, they cannot participate as coaches or assistant coaches, because of the need to be at practices which are held on weekdays. Being a Team Manager (or Referee) is a way to volunteer directly with the team, which supports not only your child’s experience but our entire region.

Contact CVPA at for more information.


-- Still Have Questions?

If you have questions, please contact our CVPA at