-- Friday Night Soccer Game

Just for Coaches & Referees!
Friday Night Soccer Games
7:30 - 9:00 pm @ LHCC

Strap on your boots, and come on out to play a little soccer!

This game is intended to be a FUN game and not a competitive game. 
Newer coaches or refs should feel welcome to come out and have a go.

The benefits include, but are not limited to:
* new perspective for the game
* comradely between refs and coaches
* exercise
* fun fun fun

So, if you are sick of sitting on the sidelines and want to use your "boots" for something other than standing on the touch line, please join us.

The game is limited to current volunteer referees and coaches.

Questions or to RSVP for the game, email Tina Frey

-- Referee Point System

The Referee Point System has been revised for the Fall 2012 Season.

The Referee Point Summary link is located in the Nav Bar: Referee >> Point System

Here are the highlights of the changes.

The Team Referee Volunteer Point Requirement applies to the U10 - U19 Divisions for eligibility to participate in the fall Post Season Playoffs.

  • To qualify for the Playoffs, each team will provide at least 1 adult Referee (18 years old minimum). At least one Referee representing a team must have an association to a player on that team. For example, parent, brother, uncle, etc.
  • All Referee positions (Center or Asst Referee) earn 1 point for each game officiated in the U08 - U19 Divisions. Points can only be earned from Refereeing games in uniform.
  • The minimum number of Referee points to be earned by each team during the regular season is
    • U8 Teams:   5
    • U10 - U19:  12
  • Each team is responsible for reviewing their points accumulated to ensure the minimum number of points is earned.
For the complete policy, see the Referee Point System link below, AYSO Referee Information.

Click Here for Instructions on the new Point System.

-- Intermediate & Advanced Referee Training

Are you feeling a little rusty on the Laws of the Game? Do you want to improve your officiating? If so, upgrading to the next badge level is for you!

Area 11-L usually holds Intermediate & Advanced Referee Training twice a year in January and August.

For information and registration, see the Area Calendar

-- AYSO Referee Information


Rules and Regs
Laws of the Game
Helpful Handouts
Other Links

-- Referee Contacts

Position Name / Email
Referee Administrator Jeff Ricciardi
Asst. Referee Admin. Guinevere Morse
Assessment Coordinator Gregory Turner
Instruction Coordinator Mark Fullerton & Jackie Brady
Referee Gear Jeff Ricciardi
Point System Joel Quisenberry
Referee Scheduler Valerie Underwood & Jeff Ricciardi
Misconduct Coordinator Paul Hamilton
Mentor Coordinator Gregory Turner

-- Scheduling for Games

For U12 - U19 and Extra games, please use the Area Referee Scheduling System using the link under Login, above in the Nav Bar.

For U8 - U10 games we are using d4Sports:

  • All Returning Referees:  please use the Referee Login link below to Sign Up for Games. There is also the U8 - U10 Referee Login link located within the Navigation bar on the header of every page.
  • New Referees: must Register with the D4 Sports system first. Please use the New Referee Account Registration link to register for the Fall Season.

referee login              register

If you have questions about logging in, please email our webmaster.

Once Registered into the system, please Volunteer For Games by following these steps.
  1. Click on the Referee Login button, located either on the Navigation Header or here on the Referee page. Login in the Existing Members box using your email and password that you created when registering.
  2. From the Member Account Home Page, you can review your Profile and update any information like phone or email changes.
  3. Next, click on the My Ref/Ump tab.
  4. You will see two buttons: “Referee Schedule” and “Referee Volunteer for Games.”
    • To Volunteer for new games click on the Referee Volunteer for Games button, and the entire schedule for the current season will come up. Just click by the game you want, and your name will pop into the slot.
    • Referee Schedule button, will list your own personal schedule so you can see what you have signed up for.
  5. Note: each Referee needs a unique email address to register into the system.
  6. Limit sign-ups to 2 weeks in advance.  THANK YOU!
Once again, we want to make this as painless as possible. So, if you have any questions please email our webmaster.
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