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Area 11L Spring 2014

-- Overview

Spring Soccer is an AYSO program that begins in February and ends in May. Unlike the fall season, where teams are created by the Division Commissioner, Spring teams are formed by the coaches with assistance by the Secondary Coordinator. Although the coaches have flexibility to choose players, returning players of active volunteers get priority over all others. Example, children of active referees, coaches, and board members get placement priority. Then returning Fall players that registered for the Spring Season get placed. Followed by players that did not play in the Fall season.

FEE: There will be a fee of $100 per player fee. Players that did not play in region 1422 in the Fall of 2013 will not receive priority placement and will be responsible for a $150 registration fee.

Please Register ON-LINE using the Registration link.

-- Coaching Qualifications

Head coaches or Assistant coaches from the Fall 2012 season get priority.  Age appropriate training and certification and Safe Haven certified. The deadline for Spring Coach applications is December 1st. Coaches are not permitted to coach in the Spring until they have received written approval from the Region.

-- Categories of Spring Teams

Area 11-L Spring League teams will be divided into two categories (Competitive and Recreation)
Area 11-L Spring League teams may participate in tournaments before and after the scheduled season ONLY.
Spring teams will be seeded by each Region – 1, 2
U19/U16 teams and AYSO Extra teams are to be considered Seed 1. Extra teams comprised of all younger players “playing up” (ex. Fall U-11 Extra team playing U-12 Spring) may play in the Recreation division.
Teams will be re-seeded after the fifth game to ensure proper balance.

NOTE: Upper division teams (U16 - U19) will submit two team captains for Area training.  Details to follow.


Coach ID cards will be issued to certified coaches and assistant coaches only.  Coach cards must be worn at all games.

NOTE: Coaches will be given access to view the Referee schedule.  It will be a group effort by referees and coaches in order to ensure game coverage.  It is the responsibility for team coaches and referees to review schedule by Wednesday of each week.  Games will be reviewed by Area every Friday at noon, if games are not covered then the games will be canceled.

NOTE: All official rosters will be signed by the Secondary Coordinator.  Rosters will be approved and signed upon Area approval of coach certifications.

-- Team Selection

Players may not be contacted for Spring play until December 3rd. Coaches recruiting players prior to the recruiting date or interfering with players on a team still competing may not be allowed to coach a spring team. Players are not considered committed to your team until January 3rd.  Any players moved after January 3rd must be approved by both coaches and the Spring Coordinator.   If possible, get each player's medical release form from his/her fall coach.

Note:  Upper Division teams (U16 - U19) may recruit players if all volunteer kids have been selected and there are no other Fall players waiting to be placed.  All players must be approved by the Secondary Coordinator.

Guest Players

Guest (AYSO) players from outside a team's home region shall be allowed according to the following guidelines:
• U-16 and U-19 - Any number, any player.
• U-10, U-12 and U-14 - maximum three
• Recruitment of guest players from outside the region shall only be with the advance approval of all Secondary Coordinators concerned and shall ONLY be allowed if regional/area resources of the appropriate age and adequate skill level have been exhausted.
• All guest players must be registered with AYSO National prior to commencing practice and play.
• An additional administrative fee will be applied.  

-- Referees

Referee support (U8 - U14 teams) - 3 certified referees per team, capable of officiating matches at the level of teams they are supporting.  Regional Referee Administrators to certify list of referees submitted to Area by January 15th.

Referee support (U16/U19 teams) - 3 certified referees per team, with a minimum of one (1) of these individuals having an Advanced  badge or higher. Regional Referee Administrators to certify list of referees submitted to Area by January 15th.

The Regional Referee Administrator will review any submitted referees and determine, based upon their prior 1422 history of working games, whether they will be acceptable for spring play. Players of referees that actively worked our Fall games should be given high priority in your team selection.

The Referee teams must be submitted to the Secondary Coordinator and Referee Administrator by January 15th.

There are referee classes being formed by some of the larger regions in our Area so you will have a chance to get some of your parents trained and certified prior to the season beginning.  Our Region Referee Administrator is also available to assist you in recruiting referees from within our region to be assigned to your team.  Please contact the Referee Administrator with any referee questions including the dates and places for the referee classes in other regions.  

-- Spring 2014 Important Dates

  • 12/3 - You may begin contacting players. 
  • TBD - Spring Coaches Meeting. 
  • 1/15 - Referee teams must be submitted. 
  • Feb 10 - Spring practice starts 
  • Mar 1- Spring games begin
  • No play dates: March 22 and 23; April 20, 2014; May 11, 2014
  • TBD - U8 Friendship Tournament . 
  • May 17 & 18 - Area 11-L Spring Tournament .

If you have any questions, please click here to email the Secondary Coordinator.