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Refund Policy

Player drops:
Please email the registrar immediately to notify him/her of your player’s desire to drop.  We place players on a balanced team basis and in order to help us with this long and detailed process, the sooner we know the more balanced our teams are.  Also, we have a wait list and can then begin to place another player who is excited to join a team.  This email does not constitute a request for a refund.  It is only a courtesy to the region, coaches and other players on the wait list.  We really appreciate your help in letting the registrar and coach (if you have been notified of placement on a team) know of your situation as soon as possible.

To obtain your refund:
A full refund for the Fall season will be given if the Player Withdrawal form is received, or postmarked, by July 15th.  The refund request form must be filled out in its entirety to obtain the refund.  If the Player Withdrawal form is received, or postmarked, after July 15th, a $20 non-refundable fee will apply.  Refunds will be mailed after September 30th in accordance with the amount paid taking into consideration the family maximum.  Players not placed on a team by the Region will be mailed a refund after September 30th.  This request is subject to review by the Regional Commissioner, Registrar and Treasurer before being approved.  No refunds will be issued for the Extra teams.

AYSO Region 1422, Registrar
23016 Lake Forest Drive, Ste. A PMB 151
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

(No refunds will be given without a properly completed Player Withdrawal form.)