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Fall and Spring Season

Early Registration is now open for Fall 2015 and
Spring 2016 Seasons.

Sign up now for our 8 week Fall season, and you are registered for the Spring 2016 season. We are offering a $10.00 discount for early registration and if you bring a friend and they register to play they will get $10.00 off of their registration as well. If you are in need of our reversible uniform, the kit including reversible shirt, shorts, and two pairs of socks, can be purchased for $25.00. Please include the fee with your registration fee.

We will also be holding classes for coaches and referees towards the end of July. The dates for these classes will be posted here when they are firmed up. We recommend that all coaches, asst. coaches and even team parents take these courses to learn more about how to coach with the different lessons and techniques for each age group. We are also encouraging Youth ages 8-19 to avail themselves of the opportunity to learn to be a Referee and then actually referee games when they are not playing. 

Lets work together to build our teams up and make AYSO 1343 a place where kids learn, play, grow, and become better soccer players for life.

Season Begins September 2015
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    Due to the many questions about our referee situation we are increasing our registration fees by $10.00. This will allow us to offer our referees a small stipend for the games that they referee. Considering this we have decided that a nominal fee increase would allow us to train and keep our referees and provide us with years of relatively trouble free games and less stress for the kids. In addition we definitely want to ask the kids who have been referees in the past to come back and referee again. In order for this to be successful we need the cooperation of all our parents and coaches. We cannot have our junior referees yelled at, picked on or humiliated as has happened in the past. The kids will not be paid, but we will have something for them at the end of the season. With your cooperation we can then bring on more youth referees and train them while they are still playing. This will give them good standing throughout their young adult lives.


A Message from our Regional Commissioner:

    Our Spring Season is nearly over and summer is upon us. The promise of warm/hot days lazily spent on the lakes or rivers fishing, swimming, wake boarding and camping out with our families as we spend precious time relaxing and gearing up for another year. May your summer be filled with adventure and fun, with no accidents/injuries. Be safe, be careful, be wary and we will see you all in the Fall.

Mike Breck
Regional Commissioner
AYSO Region 1343

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Region 1343 is part of Area B in Section 9
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AYSO Region 1343

Founded: May 16, 2000

Chartered: July 20, 2001

Covering the Greater Washington County, Utah area including:

St. George


Washington Fields

Little Valley


Bloomington Hills

Green Valley

Dixie Downs

Santa Clara




Dammeron Valley

Diamond Valley

Coral Canyon