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Ayrshire based interest-free, non profit, local community exchange barter trading scheme.

Beat the credit crunch with Ayrshire Local Exchange Trading Scheme 

LETs is a local community, non-profit exchange or barter network where you can buy and sell all kinds of goods and services without the need for money. This vibrant members network uses interest free local credit or virtual currency called Thistles so that direct swaps do not need to be made and your cash does not need to be used. As a member you can earn Thistles by doing childcare or computer work for one person, and spend it later on food, hiring equipment, plumbing, or carpentry with another person on the same or another LETs networkfind out more....

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Local Exchange Trading in action

This is a true story about how one LETS job has created a chain reaction of goodwill in an ordinary street, creating new friendships along the way.  Stewart [New Moray LETSystem] explains it himself:

“I live in a street of around 100 houses in a new housing estate in Forres. Most of my neighbours are professionals who work away during the day and who rarely have the time to talk to each other.

I am an active supporter of our local organic box scheme who supply me with a lovely box of fresh vegetables every week for just £3 and 2 LETS.  As I don’t use a car it is difficult for me to collect my box from the pickup point each week.  I asked my retired neighbour Walter, if he would deliver my box to me in return for a few LETS each week. So he joined the LETsystem.

The following week Walter delivered my box to my back door and noticing the sad state of the vegetables stored in our warm kitchen. “I’ll make you a veggie cupboard for outside for LETS if you like” he offered.  I had earned plenty of LETS helping others so I agreed.  For just 150 LETS it has transformed our kitchen clutter and it keeps our veggies fresh much longer.

Walter’s wife Lucyna is a teacher in our local school and happened to mention that they would like someone to make some new seat covers.  They were quoted £280 by a mail order service. I put them in touch with Karen down the road who I knew offered sewing in our LETS system.  Karen is a busy mum with three children and a new mortgage. Karen was delighted to help and earn 100 LETS with which she will pay for joinery repairs to her new house.

Lucyna and Karen’s husband Kryztof soon discovered that they had something in common – they are both Polish!  With the extra LETS she earned Karen bought some pond liner at the last LETS trade Fair and will stock it with some plants from Sonya’s garden at the end of the street.

Sonya is a recent member and could do with a hand with some odd jobs around the house.  Walter was delighted to help out again.  Sonya also bakes bread and gives a lift to work for my wife, Alison.  She delivers two loaves to us every week for just 3 LETS. The LETS she receives, she swapped for her DIY.

Margaret, Sonya’s neighbour, in an industrious lady whose husband is bedridden with M.S. Margaret shares eggs from the chickens she keeps in the back garden and she is also a great cook. Once a week she delivers a home made meal to Sonya.  Margaret has been planning to create a spare room in her attic and needs help lining the walls and floor. Enter yours truely with on hand expertise and tools from Walter.

Kevin, three doors along is an American rocket scientist (he really is!) who loves repairing bicycles so ours will soon be in his shed for their annual MOT.  So, my 150 LETS have bounced around our street and come full circle.  On its way it has helped to create my veggie store, new seat covers, a wildlife pond, bread, eggs and meals, DIY, bicycle repairs, garden plants and an attic conversion and the LETS tokens are still cycling.

More importantly however we have created new friendships amongst our neighbours.  There are now 8 LETS members in my street and we are talking about organising a street event and party this summer.  Our social economy is booming”.

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