Ayrshire Bible Readings

An annual event of Bible teaching in Ayrshire, commencing on the first Monday in May each year and continuing through to the Friday of that week.


The 2022 Ayrshire Bible Readings are scheduled to take place from Monday 2 May to 6 May 2022 (dv)

with Alan Gamble, Glasgow

and Phil Coulson, Forres

This arrangement is subject to any Covid-19 restrictions that may be in place at that time.

Christian Recording Fellowship

Please note that evening ministry recordings from previous years dating back to 1974 are available to download from the Christian Recording Fellowship website. A wide variety of other recordings are also available on the site on many topics by well known and widely recognised bible teachers.

Click on the logo above to directly access the 'Browse by Set' page. The Evening Ministry recordings from each year are listed with the prefix 'ABR'<year>

Located on the Ayrshire coast, Prestwick is located between Ayr to the south and Troon to the north. The town's travel links ensure that Prestwick is probably the most accessible town in Scotland. Glasgow Prestwick airport is less than half a mile from the town centre and from Bethany Hall, in Shaw Road, Prestwick where the Bible Reading are now held each year.

Did You Know?

    • Prestwick was founded in the 10th century and it's name means 'Priest's farm' or 'Village of the Priest'

    • Prestwick is Scotland's oldest baronial burgh.

    • Prestwick is the only coastal town in Ayrshire that does not have a harbour.