Ayrborne Aviators promote and encourage safe, responsible, and affordable aviation through continuous learning in an open, accessible fellowship.

Although the majority of members have their own plane, there are a still a few that don't. If you want to experience the thrill of flight come down and meet us. And when you get hooked - this is the place to start taking lessons too!

Welcome to our Club!
 Ayrborne Aviators are a group of friends who love to fly! We also like to build, repair, modify, upgrade, improve, and generally tinker with all things aviation related. And of course - on the days we can't fly - there is lots of "Hangar Flying" (i.e. opinionated discussions!) to take part in too!
 Whatever your interest, you will find a great group of diverse, easy-going people from all walks of life who participate in aviation. The Ayrborne Aviators Club is a place where families and friends feel welcome and included - even if they don't like flying!
 Join us any Saturday morning around 8:30am in the clubhouse for bacon and eggs and meet the other members! Feel free to join the lively discussions and ask your questions

even with bad weather we had a great time in 2014. many drove in . .

Next Club Meetings
next meeting  
september 20,
  1. food we are sold from UPAC left overs.
  2. the landing challenge
  3. future work at strip
  4. improvements to cooking facilities
  5. treasurers report
  6. winter coming check list
  7.  club tool chest
  8. update on trip board

flights planned

we have checked out "flipping eggs" at goderich, good service, good food, we recommend it, cash only

need a date for our
annual trek to pelee island for lunch

Sept 20, guelph, tiger boys
sept 27, tj's meet
others in there too.
keep tuned


Aircraft Spruce
open house
October 4.
Aircraft Spruce Discount
email Tony for details on getting discount at Aircraft Spruce