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To be honest, as much as i hope it does, i don't know if this page will work out to become the huge centre of gravity id like it to be, attracting all the people out there asking the same questions as us everyday, and still not being able to come up with any logical or convincing opinions mainly because they don't have the opportunity. I need as much help as i can get and even you can be a backbone on which this site rests its weary head from time to time.

I need people with initiative, with the passion to pass on, of course its a completely voluntary thing but i want to be able to rely on people for discussions and moderator abilities for page uploading and so on. Even in such a small way can you help as to voting on specific topics and mentioning whether something needs to be added or taken off inorder to make this site better, more worthy.

Never forget that just visiting this page, you have crossed a boundary, you want to know and every post, every topic discussed, every contribution from the smallest to the most significant, all were, are and will be essential to the growth of what may start as a small faction of people, but may become among the greatest inspiration of this generation and many to come. I thank you for making this dream, a reality and will be forever indebted to both the intellectual society as well as my friends who supported me all the way. 


One thing id ask every one to do at first though, is to view the PurelyXperimental page, download the songs posted there, and let me know what you think of them. Purely Xperimental is a band that a couple of friends of mine started up in the interest of creating music, not songs.

The idea is as old to the concept of music as blood is to humans, and yet bringing out the blood allows us to appreciate what it does for us and hence the songs' abilitiy to allow you to appreciate the music for what it is and not just its lyrical capacity or who plays it.


To download the songs, right click the title and select save target as. If you want to listen to the song, make sure you have the Quicktime player installed and just click on the song title.

To get Quicktime player click here.

Music downloads at the Purely Xperimental Page.