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Bonsoir et beinvenue my friends and people i have never met, to the dawn of a new era, la revolucion commencera! Gather round and listen as the world itself whispers a sigh of content . . . there is a forum that i have created, a very temporary solution and i hope it not to be a very permanent temporary one, but i feel that pressing times urge against the further delay of the thoughts page and discussion must begin!

We are the revolution! We can change everything around us just by existing in a unified way, by believing that what we accomplish here, is not to remain part of a discussion group, but to allow us to grow and take the knowledge with us . . . we hold the power to change all that we know and all we have to do is to believe that we can. . . The power of the mind

The topic discussion has begun, visit the thoughts page to know more.


Hey everybody, the greatly elusive and much admired AliEn here :D

I know ive been a bit prophetic with the description of my site and with the ideas and moral eptitude it professes to instill as an eventual consequence, but aspire with me and help me reach these and higher levels of expressionism.

Ive come up with some discussions for the thoughts section and before i put anything up i wanted to have a vote session, sort of a poll to see what you as the general public hold in higher importance so as to get it rolling.

To vote, you can go to the ILXSLT blog, choose your topic, and click vote ! That simple!

Also, if you have something that plagues your dreams, leaving you to wake up with the thought of "what if?" please post a comment, include your topic and a brief description of how it affects you. The cooperation will be greatly appreciated, and hopefully within the coming week, the process will be completed.

On the other hand, you could also send me an email at this address: purely.xperimental@gmail.com , in the same format, and i will see to it that your topic comes under the poll. 

The topics are as follows : 

the limits man binds himself to when it comes to the universe - 1

dimensions - 2

time - 3

energy - 4

afterlife - 5

reincarnation - 6

death - 7

prospect of immortality - 8

vampirism - 9

existence of aliens - 10

spiritual world - 11

powers of the mind - 12

karma - 13


As you would have noticed, nearly all of my pages are up except for the thoughts, the useful links and the pictures sections. I hope that you find the published pages as per your liking, and hopefully any feedback i get from you should help to improve the overall look and feel.

I will be creating a vote soon, for the topics that should help us get the thoughts page started up, and once thats accomplished, the story begins. An epiphany culminating in the darkest deepest depths of time and space, hopefully impressioning generations to come and those already existing.