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At first, due to the constrictions placed upon me by the web host and the size limit, im afraid it might be a little slow with new discussions and concurrent ones working simultaneously in the thoughts page, that being linked to separate pages each hosting its own discussion.

It should be easier for everyone to access discussions based on topic so i think thats what ill group them according to. At first. Once again, open to debate but it seemed a good idea to go with simplicity so ill start that way.

I think i should also start a couple of discussions with opening statements so as to get the ball rolling, but ofcourse i would definitely create new pages if i get discussion ideas that sound worth being up. All in all i feel that being as open structured as this website is meant to be, there shouldn't be too much in the way of complications and whatever may unexpectedly turn up shouldn't be too hard to exhume. There is a decision to make, which pill will it be?


Coming down to the finer details, im sure by now almost all of you are wondering how this is going to work from a technical aspect seeing that you have yet to see a post button attached to a text field which we all have become so used to by now, come to think of it there probably isnt anything editable by other users on this site so how to make it run?

I thought about it and in the better interest of things, ive created a separate gmail account <loyal to the hosters and a big fan i must add :D> where all the stuff you have to say would be sent to me via email with the discussion topic in the subject line. Of course this is a bit tedious at first but im planning on working with a few softwares to see if i cant automatically feed the topics into the respective pages, still its all in development so it will take time; bear with me :).

As i mentioned, emails sent to me will be posted online, i assure you there isn't going to be any discrimination based on topic, discussion or religion. < i know thats a big one for a lot of you but i feel that within reason, this has got to be as open as possible inorder to work >. I would request you not to use strong language or adult themes but apart from that, anything goes.


This is another idea that started off as a new idea so to speak, more as an option of implementation. The option stands as if you want to post and youre too lazy to send me an email, visit this blog at ILXLSTand feel free to post a comment on any of the discussions present there. This blog was started by a close friend, hercules, because we realised the necessity of free linking to promote the idea more than just these web sites.

I will personally pick up those posts myself, and include them into our thoughts page mainly because right now i want to see discussions being put up. Once we have a couple rolling, im sure that automatically more and more people will want to learn more about what we talk about and post their own opinions and ideas, and maybe new discussions as well.

Once again, any suggestions / advice would be greatly appreciated so feel free to contact me at any time