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Thoughts page is up :) Please work with the registration process on the forum, and bear with me until i figure out a way to convert that into this site . . . till then, visit the thoughts page and post!



This started off in a very random way, rather than a purpose of creating an online identity, more as a desire to publicise something ; a thought ; an idea ; or more . . .

More than just an expression of matters materialistic and immaterial, a wish for more . . .

More than where i live or what i do, a passion to express what i think, for i believe that we only grow through exposure, be it people we know and accept as friends, people our lives revolve around, or just everyday encounters . . .

More than this . . . personal growth . . .

More than that . . .


Why ?

Life is so short, a blink of an eye in comparison to the extent of time as we define it within boundries of our own comprehension of the forces governing us.

The sun rises and sets and when it rises again we say a day is done, the earth revolves around the sun and we call it a year, but in the grand scheme of things how can we possibly affect now?

Is there not a purpose for each breath we take, each second that passes? Quantum physics proves that we are limited by our knowledge of the world around us and yet what purpose does this education serve if it is to be wasted in its steady pursuit and eventual loss generation after generation until the end of all life itself?

It is nothing more than a personal belief that spending day after day in the chase of ambitions and dreams is something that connects us to each other and yet separates us deeming us to be unique in our own way synchronized with fate and higher powers.

We live, we work, we create memories through experiences, yet it is all taken away when we pass on, from ourselves at first, and eventually from others.

Yet the basic principles that govern our existence argue that we are all linked at the most elemental levels, our minds, thoughts, beliefs, all co-exist to complement each other and allow us to continue as a species. If we are all so connected, why are we unable to impact. Why don't i know how you think and why am i not able to react; counter exist as a direct consequence of how you see the world?



What is the point? How is this going to furthur each of us in our own ways? Well here it is. In due time i hope to convert this page to a discussion of issues, not unlike a forum, but in a less concrete way because forums generally irritate me. I want this to be something i can learn from and eventually know that others who have contributed have made their impact . . .

A theoretical playground . . .