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Youth Club Memories

Youth club memories...

Have you got any memories of attending the youth club in Aylesham? Maybe it was the old youth club, or in the new purpose built one that we still have today. Was it a youth club session, a child’s party or an American supper. Perhaps a new Year’s eve disco, or some other fun and long lasting memory. Did you build friendships there that have lasted a lifetime – or even meet you wife or future partner there?

Thanks to the Parish Council we are able to continue to build those memories for another 18 months or so – and then we do not know what will happen to the youth club building. It is not now run by KCC, but youth work sessions are provided by a number of organisations, including PACE and KCFN.

These services are not enough to guarantee that the building will remain available for the youngsters and wider community of Aylesham, and this is where we need support. We need to prove a need for the building, not just as a youth work base, but also a bustling community hub.

We need to see the building used for parties, family gatherings, after school clubs, dance, zumba, sports training, fund raising evenings, community workshops and more. If you need a venue either for a one off event, or a regular activity, then please consider the youth club building – now known as AYlesham Youth and Community Centre. We need the community to adopt this place so we can start to build a campaign to save it for future generations. You can even book sports or football parties to run at the  Youth Centre via PACE. Please go to for further details.

We would also appreciate your time as volunteers. If you have a spare couple of hours one evening – or more per week, please get in touch via the email address below, or through the Parish Council and we can begin the process of getting you ready to support your community.

We would love to hear you memories – good or bad – so if you have some you would like to share, please send them along to

Many thanks,

The Youth and Community Centre support group