We play at care homes and vaious other charities. We don't do it for any money, we just do it for fun.... Besdies if we started charging we might have to practice more !!!! Here's a selection of photos and a couple of videos from some of our Gigs. I'd like to thank everyone that has played any of the gigs. I like to think that in a small way they are making people happy.

We made our first public performance on Saturday 17th August at the Priory Crescent supported living home. It was a beach party so we wore appropriate shirts. I think everyone had a good time and hopefully we will get the chance to play events like this in the future. Thank you to all the Uke Jammers who turned up for the afternoon.

Here's a few photos and video clips from the day.

Aylesbury Uke Jammers at the Priory Crescent Beach Party

Wycombe Care Home

Wing Care Home Christmas 2014

St Mary's Church C
ommunity Lunch, Christmas Day 2014

St Mary's Church, Christmas Day 2014