PHOTOS - Uke Jams

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Aylesbury Uke Jam we had a mini uke jam in the pub on Saturday 10th August, 2013. One of our members, Giles, very kindly then let us take over his house and garden. It was a lovely dry summer evening and so we sat out in the garden most of the evening. It was a great night with lots of food off the BBQ and drink. No one fell in the pond which was a bonus and eventually, when it got a bit chilly, we went inside and carried on partying...The last ones (me !!) went home at about 5.00am !! We will definately be doing something like this again !!

At the next Uke Jam on we carried on
with the celebrations in the Hop Pole and one of our members, Suzy had made a fantastic cake. It had a "ONE" candle on it too. Mmmmmmm

In 2014 we had a uke jam in the Hop Pole followed by a fancy dress social at one of our Uke Jammers. Claire's. House, to celebrate our second anniversary...... We seem to be lucky with the weather at our Summer Socials !!! My friend Ken took the photos. You can see more of his work here. Di made the fantastic uke cake.

A couple of my friends came along to this one..... The first Uke Jam of 2015. Ken, who is an excellent photographer (a lot of his photos are on this website) and Gail, who runs her own festivals. They are all called "Something Else" and are well worth checking out by clicking HERE, I usually run a uke jam at these festivals