Who Runs the Uke Jam ?

good question...... you do really. Without people turning up and playing then there wouldn't be a Ukulele Jam.....so please keep coming along, encourage your friends too. But just to make sure that we are all playing the same song, that we have a few new songs and turn up in the right pub on the same night I try and do that !!!

My name is Keith - I play a style of ukulele known as "thrash uke" and I am usually the one that is singing very loudly but forgetting all the words and making them up. I used to be able to playguitar, and had done so for about 30 years, but since discovering the Joy of the Ukulele the poor old guitar has barely had a look in. I also run Uke Jams at various music festivals..... so to find out a bit more about my alter ego follow this link  BEARDY KEEF