What Can I Expect ?

We want the Uke Jam to be as informal and inclusive as possible. We aren't aiming to teach people to play the ukulele but often playing along with other people is a great way to learn. The songs we play are mostly three or four chords but we also throw a few slightly trickier ones in just to keep it interesting for everyone.

We start playing around 7.30pm, stop for a break - that's time to rest your fingers and have another drink then we start again until about 9.00pm.

And that's it........ except some of us then carry on playing after 9.00pm ..... and usually some of us are the last ones to leave the pub.......

We were featured recently in the Buck Herald and the article is here.... if you click on it you should be able to read it....

so, all in all it's a bit like this really...............This video was taken at our very first Uke Jam in the Queens Head pub on 9th August 2012.


And here we are a few years later..... I wonder if we've improved ?

Message to you Rudi