Upload Photo Celebrity Look A Like

upload photo celebrity look a like
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Hello?... I want to write a 10,000 page essay to make it up to you for not being active for so long. I want to say that school got more stressful than I could have imagined and I had to take a break from Flickr. Even when I wasn't uploading a new photo I was always flickring (;)) through Flickr looking at everyone's streams and commenting for hours, and I knew that wasn't going to help me achieve what I wanted in my second semester as a junior in high school. I want to tell you that I had more orchestra commitments than ever before and that I spent many of my weekends rehearsing and performing with my group. There are so many things I want to say about my absence, but I just wanted to let you know that I miss you. I started using Tumblr in December and I got really into it; I loved the feeling of creating something that was completely my own and posting photos I found inspiring and beautiful, especially since that was my style of photography. Well, that was interesting in and of itself. I spent hours on there reblogging and looking at everyone's archives. I decided to take a break from there about three weeks ago. Not just because I wanted to focus more on school work, but because the community itself is not what I hoped for it to be. So many of them are so absorbed in their follower count and I felt that every blog was a replica of another; all I saw on my dashboard was OPI nail polish and pictures of celebrities. I don't know if I can even call it a blogging site anymore. Anyways though, I'm currently finishing up school- I have about 5 weeks left! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. :) sorry, got a little carried away there... :) and I hope to take many photos this summer and come back to a community that I've always loved. I loved Flickr because it was a way for me to grow as a photographer, but now I love it even more because I feel like I'm part of a greater community. Thank you everyone for your lovely messages and telling me that you missed me and my photography. It means so much more than you can believe, that a handful of 'strangers' care about me. Thank you, really. :) I hope to visit your streams and get back in touch with you all very soon :) I hope you enjoy this photo...It is of the flowers on my table at Easter brunch... :) mwahahaha >:) P.S. To those of you who won my giveaway in December 2010 (OH..MY..GOSH.....) I promise you all I have not forgotten. I feel so terrible that I've postponed this for months but I didn't think my school work was going to keep me from following through...I am so, so sorry. I hope you understand <3
Confronting a "paparazzo"
Confronting a "paparazzo"
Best viewed large. Before I upload a photo to Flickr, I nearly always reduce it to about 640x480 pixels, so as to conserve bandwidth, and I keep the original, "large," version on a CD or in the hard drive of my computer. I discovered after uploading this one that I had forgotten to reduce it, but in this case, that may be a fortunate mistake. I worked as a Spanish-language court interpreter for several years before moving to my current position, which involves conducting settlement conferences in divorce and paternity cases. This woman was among my successors in that line of work, and I have always been favorably impressed by her. Aside from her professional competence and demeanor, she is very striking, and has a good sense of style. She also projects sort of a celebrity air, which was what made me think of paparazzi when I took the picture. (In this connection, my daughter, when she saw this photo, remarked that she looks a bit like Kirsten Dunst.) I used her today as a subject for a candid photo. Although I am nervous about taking pictures of people I don't know, for fear that they'll think I'm a spy or something worse, I don't have the same hesitation about photographing people I know and like, and with whom I feel comfortable. Thus, I took advantage of this photo opportunity as my friend and her fiance were walking past the outdoor cafeteria tables where I work. Someone called her name just as I was aiming the camera, and this was the result. She was about 30 feet away at the time (that's about 9m). I was sitting at a table with three of her co-workers, and a few moments later she came over to say hello. I told her she had become a target of the paparazzi, and showed her the two pictures I had taken of her. She was good about it, of course, as I knew she would be.

upload photo celebrity look a like