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Photo 152/365 - Old Technology Renewed
Photo 152/365 - Old Technology Renewed
Photo 152/365 - 1 June 2010. Very frustrating day today. Just over 2 hours of driving up the country to do some work with the client, specifically requested to be on-site to do it. I have already pushed it back for a day due to last week's car accident. They still can't get their act together. I did everything I was supposed to do before 12, including an unscheduled one hour meeting. Then I was stuck for another 5 hours waiting for them to get the final bit I needed to do my work for the day. No phone, no mobile reception, a little internet that is monitored, and people looking over my shoulder constantly. Ugh. Enough of my whinge. I took this photo on the way up this morning. Pulled over the side of the road and snapped off a couple of shots before jumping back in and continuing on. I quite like the older style wind mill, photo edited to make it look more old style pastoral. I didn't spend a lot of time with the camera today, but I got some nice photos which I am still editing and will upload soon.
Editing (Expose) (Exposé)
Editing (Expose) (Exposé)
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