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  • Free content, or free information, is any kind of functional work, artwork, or other creative content having no significant legal restriction relative to people's freedom to use, distribute copies, modify, and to distribute derived works of the content.
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free photo maker online - GBC SelfSeal
GBC SelfSeal Machine-Free Laminating Pouches, Vertical Badge ID Size with Clip, 2.94 x 4.125 Inches, 8 mm Thickness, Clear, 10 Pouches per Pack (3747205)
GBC SelfSeal Machine-Free Laminating Pouches, Vertical Badge ID Size with Clip, 2.94 x 4.125 Inches, 8 mm Thickness, Clear, 10 Pouches per Pack (3747205)
GBC laminating supplies are the perfect way to tailor your documents to match the occasion. With a full range of supplies for protecting and presenting your important information, GBC is the first choice for professionals everywhere. GBC SelfSeal Machine-Free Laminating Pouches feature improved clarity to keep your laminated documents looking clean and crisp. They are perfect for heat sensitive materials, inks and photos. No machine is required for use - simply peel off the backing sheet and seal your item inside. They are ideal for when you don't have a machine and are available in an assortment of sizes including letter, photo, luggage tag, ID badge and wallet sizes. For over 60 years, the GBC brand has been a world leader in products that help consumers present, protect, secure, organize and enhance their printed materials. GBC provides the right tools for today's professionals to successfully increase their efficiency and productivity.

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Project #6 Kodak kids: part one
Project #6 Kodak kids: part one
Photo was scanned and enlarged. I used a free online "puzzle maker" to create the lines.

free photo maker online