Blendspace Curated Tutorials

In my experience, most teachers want to implement new and innovative teaching methods using cool technology tools.  However, they become concerned when asked to do so because they feel they need to spend the majority of their time on the content and not teaching the technology.  Below are some different tutorials housed in Blendspace that help students and teachers accomplish this.  Once the student is given the expectation of performing a particular technology-based skill or tool, these tutorials become available for them to show them how.  The teacher doesn't have to spend class time exploring it with them over and over again.  They can assign it and move on with allowing the students to demonstrate mastery of a competency through innovative creation.

 Future Animator Resources  Teaches the students everything that they need to know about creating their own stop-motion animation projects.
 Google Maps Exploration Teaches the students how to create an interactive Google My Map with shapes, layers, images, and videos.
 Infographic Tutorials Tutorials show the layouts, and different tools (and how to use them) that can be used to create infographics.
 Copyright and Plagiarism This shows students how to avoid any plagiarism and copyright infringements when either writing or creating projects.
 Creating Online Magazines This teaches students what an online magazine looks like and some of the different tools that can be used to create them.
 Databases & Advanced Google Search Students sometimes need a better understanding of how to conduct a deep digital search for primary or valid resources.
 Developing a Strong Question & Argument The most important thing we can do is to continually teach our students how to find and define problems, create essential questions, and develop a justifiable argument.
 eBook Creation Books can be a physical curation of our research.  However, the use of technology today allows students to create a completely interactive.
 Online Portfolio Curation Students need to be curating their works and processes.  This tutorial shows them how to do that through the use of Google sites.
 Successful Presentations Most students don't know how to properly or effectively present to an audience about a topic.  This tutorial walks them through some different ideas with links to some different tools that can help create amazing presentations.
 Video Production Students need help in understanding how to properly create a high quality video.  This tutorial shows them different ways and different tools that they can use.