Alleviating Patient Suffering: healthcare analytics, bioengineering and innovation.

Hi, I'm Ayden Jacob. I enthusiastically look for methods by which I can improve the lives of others, primarily the sick and ailing. I push for a world in which clinical doctors, researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs sit together with a unified goal of brining better healthcare to the world at large. And this task starts from the ground up. As a society we need to embrace the startup revolution, and learn to inculcate the fast pace of bio-innovation in the friendly and warm setting of a medical clinical. The responsibility rests on the shoulders of the physician: how can they incorporate fancy technology, bulky and intimidating machines, and expensive tests, into a warm and human-like environment so that the patient feels cared for at every step of the way. Engineering must continue to model their devices and inventions in manners that allow for their easy implementation into a clinical setting. And clinicians will need to learn how to adapt to these new technologies, while bringing humanistic care to each and every patient. Together as a team this can be done. This is the future face of medicine.