Week 1 Overview of ISM in the Galaxy (pdf)

       Fri  Jan 6 (Tielens chap 1, Draine chap 1) -- nzs

            Multi-wavelength Imaging along MW Galactic plane

            optical, cm-wave, 21-cm HI, 2.6mm CO, Far Infrared & Mid Infrared

            3 phases of hydrogen, processes w/i them & roles in galactic eco-system

            e.g. M51 -- phases and relationship to galactic structure

Week 2 Overview of ISM physics

       Mon Jan 9 (Tielens chap 2 & 3) -- nzs (pdf)

            LTE vs non-LTE (Temp. of : radiation, gas, quantum level excitation)

            equilibium principles : thermal, ionization, pressure & hydrostatic, statistical

            line emission, absorption, continuum absorption, modified BB

            ionization & recombination, molecule formation & destruction

            preview of gas dynamics in diffuse gas

      Tues Jan 10  (Tielens chap 7.1-7.3, Draine chap 15) -- nzs (pdf)

            case study – Orion : M42 HII region and Trapezium OB star cluster

                Photo-ionization equilibrium

                Stromgren spheres, ionization fraction, ionization front

                Thermal equilibium in ionized gas

                other ionization processes -- xray and shocks

       Fri Jan 13 (Tielens chap 7.4-7.5, Draine chap 18) -- nzs (pdf)

             observational probes of HII regions & star formation

                 HI Line emission (H, H, Lyman )

                 forebidden lines, collisional excit. & critical densities 

                 optical fine structure lines probing density and temperature

                 radio free-free continuum

Week 3 Dust in ISM

       Mon Jan 16 CIT Holiday

       Tues Jan 17 (Tielens chap 5, Draine chap 21;Kwok chap10) afs (pdf)

                observable effects of dust;

        extinction, reflection, reddening, polarization

       Fri Jan 20 (Tielens chap 5, Draine chap 22) afs (pdf)

                scattering & absorption by small particles; Mie theory 

               - effects of particle size, wavelength;non-spherical particles; X-ray regime

Week 4 Molecular Clouds

       Mon Jan 23 (Tielens chap 2.1, Scoville chap 1, Draine chap 31) nzs (pdf)

            H2 physics – formation & destruction, transitions

            observations tracing H2 with CO and other molecules and dust

            Orion molecular cloud

            molecular cloud properties – density, masses and temperatures

       Tues Jan 24 (Scoville chap 1, Draine chap 31) nzs (pdf)

             molecular structure (energy levels), excitation, emission : 

             collisional excitation

             optically thick line emission  

             excitation with background continuum and line photon trapping

             critical density for opt. thick lines

        Fri Jan 27 (Tielens chap 10.7, Scoville chap 2, Draine chap 24) nzs (pdf)

             infrared emission from star forming clouds

             radiative heating of dust

             infrared emission -- central source model

             interpreting IR SEDs (luminosity, dust mass, starburst vs AGN)

Week 5 Dust in ISM conclusion

       Mon Jan 30 (Tielens chap 6, Draine chap 23) afs (pdf)

    (dust grains – sizes, composition & PAHs

                dust abundance & depletion

                origins of dust)

            polarization of starlight by dust

            grain creation and destruction

Week 5 Astrophysical gas dynamics

        Tues Jan 31 (Tielens chap 11.1, Draine chap 35, Clarke & Carswell chap 1-2) afs (pdf)

applications of fluid dynamics

Eulerian & Lagrangian reference frames 

            equations of fluid motion, Navier Stokes equation, Poisson’s equation


        Fri Feb 3 (Murphy etal arXiv:1105.4877) nzs -- class discussion (pdf)

             estimating star formation rates in galaxies

             open discussion of different techniques and their limitations

Week 6 Astrophysical gas dynamics continues

Mon Feb 6 (Tielens chap 11.1, Draine chap 35, Clarke & Carswell chap 2-3) afs (pdf)

equations of fluid motion (conservation of energy)

            Reynolds number, Bernoulli’s equation 

Tues Feb 7 (Tielens chap 11.1, Draine chap 36, Clarke & Carswell) afs (pdf)

propagation of disturbances in ism, supersonic flows, interstellar shocks

            Rankine Hugoniot conditions, J shocks

Interstellar shocks – applications

Fri  Feb 10 (Tielens chap 12.3-5, Draine chap 39, 38, Clarke & Carswell) afs (pdf)

Supernova Explosions - phases of expansion,

stellar wind bubbles

Week 7 Interstellar Shocks – Applications continues

        Mon Feb 13 (Tielens chap 12.2, Draine chap 37) afs (pdf)

Supernova explosions - phases of expansion

        Expansion of HII regions

(Ionization fronts

Fluid instabilities)

        Tues Feb 14 (TA review class) (pdf)

        Worksheet on:

            Dust properties

            Phases of supernova shock expansion

        Fri Feb 17 (Tielens chap 11.3) afs (pdf)

            expansion of HII regions

            D-type and R-type fronts

            (Interstellar magnetic fields

    overview, properties

    observational effects :

                     polarization, Zeeman splitting, Faraday rotation, pulsar DM

MHD (Draine 35.2- 4)

    Alfven waves

    C shocks)


Week 8 Diffuse phases of ISM (HI, diffuse HII and PDRs)

       Mon Feb 20 CIT holiday

       Tues Feb 21 (Kwok chap 5.12.1, Draine chap 29, 17.4) nzs (pdf)

           21-cm HI emission and absorption observations

           physical analysis of 21-cm line, CII emission

           overall HI distribution in galaxies, comparison with H2 & HII

       Fri Feb 24 (Tielens chap 8, Draine 30.2-4, 39.3-4) nzs (pdf)

           relationships of diffuse phases in multi-phase models

           2-phase & 3 phase models, non-equilibrium models

Week 9 Star Formation Processes & Observations

         Mon Feb 27 (Kwok 15.5, Draine chap 41) afs notes1  notes2

cloud collapse & fragmentation

Jean's criterion

magnetic field effects & ambipolar diffusion

        Tues Feb 28 (Draine chap 42) afs

star formation – evolutionary stages of star/planetary formation

protostellar disks

    circumstellar disks & young stellar objects

    bipolar outflows

          Fri Mar 2 Discussion of paper on low mass star formation (Shu etc?)

Week 10 Extra-galactic ISM

       Mon Mar 5 (Scoville chap 4, Osterbrock chap 11-12) nzs

            ISM in galactic nuclei and AGN - notes

       Tues Mar 6 (Tielens chap 9) nzs – class discussion

             photo-dissociation regions

       Fri  Mar 9 (Scoville chap 3) nzs -- notes

             Cosmological evolution of ISM and star formation