Problem Set 1 [Exercises] [Solutions]
    To be discussed in TA session at 10.3.2017, 12:00, Aula Bigiavi

Problem Set 2 [Exercises] [Solutions]
    To be discussed in TA session at 29.3.2017, 15:00, Aula Bigiavi

Some fundamental Basics you might want to review:
    Fun with Logarithms (David Weil)

Some cool easy-to-digest Readings (outside of the Course):
     The Facts of Economic Growth, Chad I. Jones
       Handbook of Macroeconomics, Vol. 2, 2016, pages 3-69.
       The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2006, 121(2): 351-397.
     The Age of Milton Friedman, Andrei Shleifer
       Journal of Economic Literature, 2009, 47:1, 123-135.

       A lot more to be found on the old version of Dietz Vollrath's blog (going offline soon I suppose). 
       You might also be interested in some further readings and web-links from the companion page to David Weil's undergrad textbook.

Some recent Critique (if at all, to be read after the Course):
       American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 2015, 105(5): 89–93.
         A good starter to follow the whole debate it initiated amongst leading scholars is Paul Romer's blog & this posting.

       Romer again (not particularly related Growth Theory) [a summary]. 

Videos worth watching:
     The great Hans Rosling (who sadly passed away recently) in one of the most viewed
          Note his funny side blow on (frequentist) statistical hypothesis testing at around 1:40. What was his null?

             Daron Acemoglu Facts (old but gold)