The steep road up to San Luca, one of the toughest mini-climbs in the region. Final of a Giro stage in 2009. Central element of the Giro dell'Emilia (1.HC). 
Stadio Renato Dall'Ara in the back (pretty old picture - Distinti w/o the rosso/blu seats). Home of Bologna F.C. 1909 (re-relegated to Serie A in 2015).

Things that (supposedly) make me more productive
Sublime, a truly sublime texteditor.
               Don't forget to install the magnificent LaTeXTools package. 
Within R: dplyr (the next (last?) iteration of 'plyr', the most powerful data wrangling package on earth; across all platforms)
             tidyr (the evolution of 'reshape2', powerful in changing the layout of data - e.g. cross-section to panel and vice-versa) 
             magrittr (a pipe operator that makes code nicer)
Gummi, a sweet and slim TeX-editor with live-update.

Some random stats-links
• A truly magnificent visual introduction to Machine Learning (so far just how to fit a Tree) 
• Seeing Theory (a brilliant visual introduction to statistical concepts by Brown University's Daniel Kunin) 
• Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics (inter alia, nice visualisations & simulations of probabilistic concepts)