Night lights image - stolen from Dietz Vollrath's blog.

Satellite Data
My own tutorial on QGIS & python will be finished soon.
• Night Lights and ArcGIS - A brief introduction on how to work with satellite data by Matt Lowe.
• A short course by Masayuki Kudamatsu on how to handle spatial data (unfortunately only ArcGIS). 
• Shapefile for gas-flare correction (Worldwide - CIV,GHA,MRT correctly georeferenced in WGS84).
  [There is still a lot to be done - I will soon set up a GitHub repository for that matter and hope to find collaborators]

• in progress: QGIS for Economists [short tutorial, roadmap for a 15-20h course].
• in progress: Guide on how to handle satellite images with QGIS in conjunction with python. 
 A very concise tutorial on QGIS by Ujaval Gandhi, perpetually maintained and improved.