This site has been created for all those people who are finding out - to their joy or shock - that they may well have a past life on "the wrong side" of WW2. 
Specifically this means that in a past life, they were on the side of the Germans, Italians, Japanese, Rumanians, Bulgarians, Finns or Croats. Also to complicate matters there were volunteers from France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Czechoslovakia, the Ukraine, the Cossacks etc. The formations we're talking about include the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, Luftwaffe, Fallschirmjäger, Gebirgsjäger, U-Boot service, Kriegsmarine etc - as well as the various non-combatant and political organisations.

So if that sounds like you then the good news is that no, you aren't crazy!  In fact it's perfectly normal as consciousness develops in people for them to to sometimes get glimpses into the dim distant past.  It may be via dreams, or strong feelings - perhaps during a time of upheaval - or more commonly these days, during meditation or some kind of altered state experience. 

Just keep in mind that no matter what you've been in a past life, that life is now in the past and we don't need to try to relive it all over again.  The best thing for us to do is learn the lessons we picked up and apply them as we do things in the here and now.  And remember that most of us have had many, many more past lives before that - either on the winning side or the losing side of different causes and conflicts.


As we move further from the repressive days of the past and closer towards an age of enlightenment, more people globally are becoming open to the possibility of reincarnation. Edgar Cayce was one of the earlier people introducing the idea in America.  In recent years, Oprah has shown past life regression therapy being performed live to a national audience.  How far we have come!

How do you tell if you have a past life in the Axis forces?

If you don't have past life flashbacks etc then it can be hard to tell if you were in the Axis forces last time around, but there are some signs which keep cropping up again and again. If some of these points are true for you, you may well have have been there...
  • you have a fascination for the period
  • you have feelings of déjà vu when seeing shows, places, etc from WWII
  • you have had strong recurring feelings or dreams about WWII
  • you are drawn to military or political pictures from the era
  • you have a 'thing' for the uniforms and items of the period
  • you find you get caught up in the music of the era - even emotionally
  • you get are not happy when you see programs or movies where Axis forces are defeated

Trying to have past life experiences

If like most people you would like to have visions or dreams of your past lives, it is really worth checking out some of Steppenwolf's recommended past life techniques.


If you'd like to get in touch, you can email Steppenwolf here.

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