News and Scrap From AxisofO Land

Basically a rant / news / updates / lifestyle page. 

10/18/07 - Added a new section called "Art" and computer drawings. 

9/28/07 - Added a boatload of Naruto avatars.

9/25/07 - Happy Chuseok!  Updated list of manhwa with Korean titles, and added a guide to manhwa/manga stores in Seoul.  Updated song in player to Morning (모닝).  As requested, I made more avatars.

9/24/07 - Happy Chuseok!  Updated with pictures of graphic novel collection. 

9/23/07 - Changed song on homepage to Tim's Jajanga (Lullaby) 

9/19/2007 - Added a link to a group on Yahoo

9/18/2007 - Made free avatars. 

9/17/2007 - Updated with a Star Ocean image gallery.  Added Wheesung pictures. 

9/16/2007 (Sunday) - I'm torn between getting  Wheesung's 5th album (Eternal Essence of music) and Lee Soo Young's 7th and 8th album.

 9/16/2007 (Sunday) - This site is BORN!