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Microsoft Web Camera Vx 3000 Software Download

microsoft web camera vx 3000 software download
    web camera
  • A webcam is a video capture device that is connected to a computer or computer network, often using a USB port or, if connected to a network, ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • A CCTV Camera with built-in web server computer. More info.
  • (microsofts) circuits hardwired with info, programs, whatever. You plug them into your brain, you know stuff. Tech. Not Bill Gates.
  • Microsoft Corporation is a public multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services predominantly related to computing through its various product divisions.
  • (Microsoftian) Of or relating to Microsoft Inc., or its products
  • The programs and other operating information used by a computer
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  • (computer science) written programs or procedures or rules and associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computer system and that are stored in read/write memory; "the market for software is expected to expand"
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  • VX was a short-lived and unsuccessful consumer videocassette format developed by Panasonic and launched in 1975 in Japan.
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microsoft web camera vx 3000 software download - Microsoft LifeCam
Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 Webcam (Gray)
Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 Webcam  (Gray)
Experience instant messaging in a whole new way. Communicate with friends and family as if they were in the room with you. 1.3 megapixels high Definition video and 5.0 megapixels photos interpolated shows you in the best light. The built-in microphone automatically picks up your voice with remarkable clarity. Just press this button and select an Online Contact to start a video call. The 71-degree wide angle lens ensures no one gets left out of the picture. The pan and tilt functionality make it a snap to capture the big picture, however you want to see it. The long, flexible cable gives you more room to move. The zoom delivers realistic, up-close-and-personal video, so you can see the contours of every smile. The new USB 2.0 enables much higher connection speeds, so you can experience life in real-time. Surprise your friends with cool video effects, accessible right from the Windows Live Messenger Window. LifeCams capture life at 30 frames per second, which means the video images you see are smooth and seamless. Windows Vista or Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) required.

Putting the power of Windows Live Messenger at your fingertips, the Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 takes instant messaging with family and friends to a new level of sight and sound by offering great video and crystal-clear audio with acoustic noise cancellation.

The LifeCam VX-6000 features one-touch access to Windows Live Messenger.

Enjoy megapixel resolution, a wide angle lens, and a 3x digital zoom.
Plus, you get advanced features, such as automatic face tracking software and low-light adjustment, so you feel like you're right there. The VX-6000 also adds several key enhancements over the LifeCam VX-3000, including high definition video capabilities, a wide angle lens, a 3x digital zoom, and a high-speed USB connection. View a comparison of the LifeCam VX-3000 and VX-6000.
The Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 is optimized for Windows Live Messenger, which is used by the largest worldwide instant messenger community with over 200 million users. Three key features give you a superior Windows Live Experience. First, the Windows Live Call Button makes it easy to start a video call. Simply press the button to see who's online, and you're on your way to a video call. Second, with the LifeCam Dashboard you can access video effects and control your webcam from the Windows Live Messenger window. Lastly, with One-Touch Blogging, a single click allows you to upload to Windows Live Spaces, an "online scrapbook" that lets you easily post blogs, photo albums, and personal music lists.
The VX-6000's automatic face tracking software, which takes advantage of the camera's pan, tilt, and zoom controls, follows you so you don't disappear off-screen. The VX-6000's wide angle lens lets you fit more people on screen so everyone can join in the fun. Alternatively, the 3x digital zoom brings you so close that it's almost like sitting opposite the other person. The camera's high definition sensor makes it possible to experience true 1.3 megapixel video and 5.0 interpolated megapixel photos.
The camera automatically adjusts for low-light conditions for improved video quality, and a built-in unidirectional microphone with acoustic noise cancellation provides crystal-clear audio. Video effects give you a fun way to express yourself, and last but not least, the camera's universal attachment base fits on most monitors, including flat screens. Alternatively, the camera can sit directly on your desk.
Note that while the VX-6000 is optimized for use with Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft LifeCams also work with other instant messaging programs, such as Yahoo Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger.

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LTEX 3000
LTEX 3000
LTEX GP40 3000 sits in UP's Global 4 Yard in Joliet, IL. The yard here is scheduled to be opened next summer, and at the pace they are going, it should be completed right on time, half the track here wasn't even in a week ago! They aren't wasting any time!

microsoft web camera vx 3000 software download
microsoft web camera vx 3000 software download
Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000
With simple setup and one-touch calling the Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 makes it easier than ever to see and hear your friends and family over the Internet. Optimized for Windows Live Messenger - Windows Live Call Button - Easy Audio Switching - Free Worldwide Internet calling to your online contacts. Superior video and photo quality See the smiles clearly with 640 480 pixels video and photo resolution. Built-in Microphone The built-in microphone automatically picks up your voice with remarkable clarity. Universal Attachment Base Its a snap to attach the LifeCam to any monitor. Video Effects Surprise your friends with cool video effects accessible right from the Windows Live Messenger Window. Up To 30 Frames Per Second LifeCams capture life at 30 frames per second which means the video images you see are smooth and seamless. Flexible Six-Foot Cable The long flexible cable gives you more room to move. REQUIREMENTS- Windows XP Pro/Home/Media Center Edition/Tablet PC Edition 300 MB free hard drive space USB 1.1 (USB 2.0 recommended) Sound card with speakers or headphones Pentium II 550 MHz (Pentium 4 1.4 GHz recommended) or higher 4 speed CD-ROM drive or faster Display adapter capable of 800 600 resolution or higher 16-bit color depth or higher 2 MB or more video memory. Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device Auto Update required for one-touch blogging.

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