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infrared camera inc
    infrared camera
  • A thermographic camera, sometimes called a FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) or infrared camera less specifically, is a device that forms an image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light.
  • An instrument that measures heat. Infrared cameras are often used to detect weather patterns or volcanic erruptions.
  • Electronics, lens, and detector combinations that give the user an image, which can be viewed or recorded, of energy in the infrared spectrum.
infrared camera inc - Aven 26700-207
Aven 26700-207 10x - 200x Magnification Near Infra-Red USB Digital Microscope
Aven 26700-207 10x - 200x Magnification Near Infra-Red USB Digital Microscope
Microtouch shutter trigger allows for convenient image capture when in hand held mode or mounted on a stand. Just plug into a PC and your are set to go. Comes with feature packed software for easy capture of images or videos (measurement and image comparison function included). Metal stand with height and angle adjustment included. Optional stands available. Can be used for science and engineering work, detailed repair, assembly and quality control (i.e. electronics, mechanical, etc), hobbies and collecting (coin, stamp, watch, jewelry, etc.), law enforcement (counterfeit ID, crime lab, etc), entertainment and much more. 1/4" color CMOS image sensor. 1.3M effective pixel (HxV). Signal output USB 2.0. Auto gain control. Hardware and software controllable snap shot mode. Automatic white balance. 5 VDC through USB port power source. Windows XP, SP2, vista and 7 operating system. 110 mA (AVG) power consumption. 6 white LEDs light type. 30 fps, 15 fps at 1.3M frame rate. Working distance 112 mm at 10x, 42 mm at 20x, 19 mm at 30x, 8.5 mm at 40x.

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Tamper, Inc. "Switch Tamper"
Tamper, Inc. "Switch Tamper"
Ralph rebuilding tracks in Mississippi with a switch tamper by Tamper, Inc. of Columbia, SC. 1972 or early 1973. Tamper is now Harsco Track Technologies. This "switch tamper" was smaller than the larger Electromatic Tampers and is designed to work with floating tamper heads to work in among the various angles of track in a switch. That was a lot more complicated than just working straight track.
I figured if Gary could process color IR I certainly could... So I finally did a bit of searching and figured out about the swaping red/blue channels. duh. OK... this should be the end of reporcessing old shit. I've been stuck in the office all week and the weather has been amazing... it sucks. © 2011 Bodie Group inc | do not use or blog, without my permission.

infrared camera inc
infrared camera inc
Wildview 2 Mp Digital Game Scouting Camera with Infrared
NEW WILDVIEW X2IR DIGITAL VIDEO SCOUTING RECORDER By Stealth Cam April, 2011…Wildview, a manufacturer of easy-to-use digital game scouting cameras, offers their new Wildview X2IR Digital Video Scouting Recorder. With modern engineered design and hassle-free set up, Wildview digital cameras offer the very best outdoor tools in the game scouting arena. This 2.0 megapixel, wide angle coverage (PIR) 640x480 VGA Video recorder is easy to use and captures sharp digital images. The Wildview 2XIR has twenty IR emitters that illuminate the night out to 25 feet without spooking game. The Burst Mode multiple exposure or video records constant movement in 15/30/60 second video clips. The memory can easily be expanded by adding an SD card (not included). The time, date and moonphase are stamped on every image to identify movement of the deer. The test mode will quickly help you determine your coverage area. The Wildview X2IR has four time out settings, a low battery indicator and LCD status screen for easy use. The game camera runs on four C batteries or 12V rechargeable (not included). The 2.0 megapixel camera includes a USB output for PC downloading. X2IR Digital Video Scouting Specs: • Shoots 15/30/60 Second Video Clips • 640x480 VGA Video • Captures 2.0 MP Still Images • Burst Mode Multiple Exposure or Video • 20 Infrared Emitters / 25 ft. Range • Time/Date/Moonphase Stamping • Wide Angle Coverage (PIR) • Test Mode for Optimum Camera Placement • 4 Time Out Settings • Expandable SD Memory Card Slot • USB Output for PC Download • Low Battery Indicator • LCD Status Screen

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