Home video camera system. Spice 5 megapixel camera phone

Home Video Camera System

home video camera system
    camera system
  • A virtual camera system aims at controlling a camera or a set of cameras to display a view of a 3D virtual world.
    home video
  • A film on videotape for viewing at home
  • Home video is a blanket term used for pre-recorded media that is either sold or hired for home entertainment.
  • Home Video is an electronic rock band from Brooklyn, New York. The group is composed of David Gross (keyboard/bass/sequencer) and Collin Ruffino (vocals/guitar), with live shows featuring Jim Orso on drums.

Soccer Footwork Game - Home Maze
Soccer Footwork Game - Home Maze
Practice nimble and purposeful touches of the soccer ball weaving your way through your home, each time finding new long straightaways to practice speed dribbling lace touches, obstructions and intersections to practice inside / outside foot and toe touches changing ball direction, and in the process to build a New and Unique Home Maze. Maybe make a scoring system based on number of touches, number of walls / obstructions hit, total time, number of pre-determined spots visited, visit in a pre-determined order, freestyle turns, direction changes, others? Then start recording them with much improved skill than my first attempt here showed, but with maybe some head / hat / eyeglass video camera, you could get much more to-the-eye experience as if you are playing the game, which I think would be cool to capture...because it's a cool experience to try and control the ball in a confined space, and I think it would be beneficial for soccer footwork which is really about getting a ball you control to that next place on the field, where you make that next great move, make that big crucial pass ahead to your streaking teammate, or strike a flaming finish into the goal!
the chushion, Lense here: S-Angulon 5.6/47
the chushion, Lense here: S-Angulon 5.6/47
little brick: fix-body, cushion: flex-body my DIY cams this is a medium format camera-system that uses the same lenses one two distinct bodies. Lenses range from ultra-wide to slight tele focal length (24x36 equivalent: 15 to 80 mm), lens-plates and fixations uses the Linhof Technika III standard. However, in order to get the most of the key features of these two bodies the use of a specific design to the film side was needed. While the cushion features a standard international 4x5 Graflock back the lt brick uses a DIY design fixation similar to the one on the lens side of these cams: a snap action coupling that allows the use of Graflock 2x3 type film-holders with only a few minor changes to them. The flex-body (cushion) features ground-glass focussing, the lt brick is a range-finder

home video camera system
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