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Fixed Dome Camera

fixed dome camera
    dome camera
  • A type of camera with dome cover. They may have fixed or vari-focal lenses. Some come with infrared lighting and some are designed to be tamper-proof (also referred to as vandal-resistant). Armor dome cameras are designed to resist vandalism by using a hi-impact reinforced polycarbonate dome casing.
  • Remaining in the same place with respect to another object
  • Fastened securely in position
  • (of a number) having a fixed and unchanging value
  • securely placed or fastened or set; "a fixed piece of wood"; "a fixed resistor"
  • fixed and unmoving; "with eyes set in a fixed glassy stare"; "his bearded face already has a set hollow look"- Connor Cruise O'Brien; "a face rigid with pain"
  • (esp. of a price, rate, or time) Predetermined and not subject to or able to be changed
fixed dome camera - Honeywell HD50,
Honeywell HD50, 1/3-in CCD Vandal-Resistant Mini-Dome Security Camera, 530TVL, Fixed 3.8mm Lens, 12VDC, NTSC
Honeywell HD50, 1/3-in CCD Vandal-Resistant Mini-Dome Security Camera, 530TVL, Fixed 3.8mm Lens, 12VDC, NTSC
The Performance Series rounds out Honeywell's camera portfolio with a variety of indoor, outdoor and low light cameras that lets end users pick the perfect camera for virtually any installation. Ideal for a diverse range of applications, the Performance Series includes a wide range of high performing IR bullet cameras and mini-domes that are easy to install and even easier to use. The HD50 is a rugged indoor/outdoor fixed mini-dome camera. The high-impact dome housing is vandal resistant and weather tight. The integrated housing protects the camera from dust, dirt and water as well as physical harm from strong external impacts (for example, hockey sticks or sledgehammers). The visually appealing low profile design blends with its surroundings, making the HD50 the obvious choice for architecturally sensitive installations. The HD50 incorporates a 1/3" CCD that offers 530 TV lines of crisp, clear horizontal resolution. The cameras come equipped with a built-in fixed lens (f=3.8 mm) and a 3-D axis gimbal that is capable of 360° of pan, 180° of tilt and 360° of horizontal rotation. The HD50 installs quickly and easily. It comes standard with a two-conductor pigtail that connects to the barrel connector so there is no need to cut wires during installation. The HD50 is designed for use in challenging environments. It is IP66 rated for outdoor installations, but can also be installed indoors, mounted directly to a ceiling or wall. Market Opportunities The HD50 is a cost effective surveillance solution for applications that experience changing light conditions throughout the day. The HD50 offers a simple yet solid design that provides optimum performance for both indoor and outdoor applications including lobbies, atriums, vestibules, gated entrances, foyers, loading docks and driveways.

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Tacoma Dome - 40 min South of Issaquah
Tacoma Dome - 40 min South of Issaquah
While visiting Tacoma to attend an annual conference, I spent three day’s at the Tacoma Dome. While walking through the corridor that circles the interior of the structure, and encompasses the auditorium, you have access to outside access ramps that run from the mid level to the parking lot. From the location of the sun and the time of day, I presume I was facing North by North East. The photo is a panoramic photo that requires you to take three photos, side by side. Once they are merged automatically by the Tilt 8925, it gives you one photo that is landscaped. You can do the same with a Portrait photo scene. Using the Panoramic feature you can take a portrait photo of a tall building, clicking a series of three photos vertical, all the while, holding the camera sideways. The Tacoma Dome has tight seating to be frank. I was cramped, but the corridors are spacious. The Tacoma Dome (constructed by Tacoma Dome Associates, led by McGranahan Messenger Architects, a design build entity) is an indoor arena located in Tacoma, Washington, USA, approximately 30 miles South of Seattle. Completed in 1983 for $44 million and opened on April 21, the arena seats 20,000 for basketball. It is the world's largest arena with a wooden dome in terms of total volume and seating capacity (23,000), with a diameter of 161.5 m (530 feet) and a height of 46.3 meters (152 feet)[1]. The Superior Dome in Marquette, MI is larger in diameter at 163.4 m (536 feet) but is only 43.6 meters (143 feet) high and only seats a maximum of 16,000[2]. The Superior Dome is also not a geodesic dome, it is a planar radian structure of glue-laminated beams. The first concert in the Tacoma Dome was David Bowie with The Tubes as the opening act. The arena hosted the Seattle SuperSonics from 1994-1995 while the Seattle Center Coliseum was being renovated into the venue now known as KeyArena. It also hosted the Tacoma Rockets Western Hockey League team from 1991 to 1995, the Tacoma Sabercats of the West Coast Hockey League from 1997 to 2002, The Tacoma Stars indoor soccer team of the MISL from 1984 to 1992, gymnastics events during the 1990 Goodwill Games, numerous other minor league ice hockey and indoor soccer teams, and many concerts as well. It additionally hosts wrestling events, such as WCW Spring Stampede 1999. Unlike most other arenas of its size, the arena contains little in the way of fixed seating so as to maximize the flexibility of the seating arrangements and of the shape of the playing field. It can even host American football, albeit with seating reduced to only 10,000. A wide range of high school athletics is played at the Dome, as the stadium features the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association High School Championships in Football, Wrestling, 4A Basketball, as well as 4A and 3A Volleyball. The venue became home to the State High School Championships in Football in 2000 after the regular home, the Kingdome, was demolished. The Tacoma Dome is also known for its controversial neon art, in 1984 the Stephen Antonakos piece displayed inside the dome was the subject of intense debate over public funding of artworks for public works projects.
The three of us at the Dome
The three of us at the Dome
After Eid prayer, we wanted to get a photo of all three of us in front of the Dome... a task easier said than done. I think I brought my retractable tripod with me (I say I think because I take it with me everywhere but it's mysteriously absent from this photograph) but we decided to ask a random person to photograph us. Kiran told me to go up to a group of people to the right, and although I hesitated at first (I said they wouldn't get the Dome in the shot and just have a photo of us) I went to them and asked if someone could take our picture. A boy jumps up, all excited, he comes with me. "Of all people, you chose the little boy?" Kiran says. He was all excited, how could I say no to him? So I give him the camera and walk to the girls and we wait. But before we were able to fix our hair (actually, I was the only one doing the hair fixing) a girl who I assume is his sister comes running up to take the photo instead. The boy looked sad, but perhaps it was a wiser decision? And what do you know? The first frame had no dome. So I guess not all judgements are bad judgements? It was a nice frame of us, but we needed to have the Dome in it! I told her. So this is her second shot. It's actually quite beautifully composed! I wish I had her e-mail or something because it really is a great photograph, great lighting and great clouds (but I don't think she had as much to do with those two things as much as the big guy we were praying to that Eid). So thanks! Whoever you are! A final Eid Mubarak to you all!

fixed dome camera
fixed dome camera
Axis Surveillance/Network Camera - Color. M3113-R FIXED DOME CAMERA RUGGED DESIGN H.264 & MOTION JPEG NV-CAM. Wired
Manufacturer/Supplier: Axis Communications
Manufacturer Part Number: 0330-001
Manufacturer Website Address:
Brand Name: Axis
Product Series: M31-R
Product Name: M3113-R Network Camera
Marketing Information: Axis M3113-R Network Camera is specially designed for mobile video surveillance in buses, trains, subway cars and emergency vehicles. The camera has protection against dust and water, and can withstand tough conditions such as vibrations, shocks, bumps and temperature fluctuations. The active tampering alarm can detect tampering attempts such as blocking or spray-painting.
Product Type: Surveillance/Network Camera
Color Supported: Color
Maximum Video Resolution: 800 x 600
Connectivity Technology: Wired
Wireless Technology: Not Applicable

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