Buy A Professional Camera

buy a professional camera
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buy a professional camera - Camera Creative:
Camera Creative: Professional Photography Techniques for Innovative Images
Camera Creative: Professional Photography Techniques for Innovative Images
Get the secrets behind cool, creative techniques your camera manual won't teach you!

Amateur photographers looking to go beyond the basics will love this collection of 52 ways to take "wow" shots. These are the techniques you won't find in any camera manual, from exciting photo-taking ideas to post-processing tips and even gear you can make at home on the cheap, including flash diffusers, reflectors, filter gels, lenses, and more. Throughout, you'll get expert insights, simple step-by-step instructions, and eye-popping photos from both amateur and professional photographers. If you're ready to push your camera further, break some rules, and take stunning, innovative images, Camera Creative will show you how.

Look inside for the secrets behind 52 of today's most popular creative photo techniques, including:

•Water-droplet reflections
•Fake tilt-shift (model world)
•TTV (through the viewfinder)
•Small-world panos
•Reverse lens macro
•Holga hacks
•Star trails
•And much more!

85% (7)
Day 900 - Day 170
Day 900 - Day 170
Lifetime Dream # 112 of my list of 155: I will own a Canon 7D professional series camera, to be used to develop and expand my photography business and interests. I will learn every possible aspect of this camera, studying the capabilities and tools built within the high-performing camera. Completed On: June 19, 2011 This is the first Lifetime that I have completed this year, and yes- I completed it today. It seems rather fitting: it’s Father’s Day and I really never get anything for Father’s Day. Today my daughter surprised me AGAIN and came by on her way back to school. She brought me G-2 pens and Starbucks. What can I say: the girl knows me. I have been watching the price of this camera since November, watching the highs and lows. I have been steadily saving up, and finally the price was right. Thank you Amazon. The reality behind this dream is that I switched it out. I added dreams from my original list of 101, and I once really wanted a Paul Reed Smith Guitar. I have lately really been re-thinking many of my lifetime dreams, and I think I feel a bit of a shift in my reality- my priority- my desires. This Camera really is a huge step in the right direction. I have loved my Canon T1i, and I have shot many portrait shots, weddings, events, etc. But this is a step in the right direction. There is of course another level of professional cameras, but this one is quite the monster among professional cameras and will do me well. Unfortunately it’s just the camera, so over the next few days I will begin going through the motions of adding on all of the accessories. It’s kind of a father’s day, pre-birthday present and dream. Today also makes 900 days of my 365. What a great way to top it off: buy a new camera. In the span of my 365 I have used 4 different cameras. Soon it will be 5.
Graflex Crown Graphic press camera, 1947-1973
Graflex Crown Graphic press camera, 1947-1973
Graflex Crown Graphic Press Camera, along with its sister Speed Graphic camera were THE serious professional cameras of the 50's and early 60's. I bought one like this collection replacement one in college from a fellow photographer who found it in a pawn shop around 1960. It used 4 x 5 inch sheet film held either in two-sided sheet film holders or the coveted Grafmatic holder, which holds six sheets of film in one container. The sheets are held in individual steel widgets referred to as "septums." Note the large flash unit that holds three D-size batteries and uses a flashbulb with a screw-in base about the size of a 15 watt light bulb. The Crown Graphic was manufactured 1947-1973. It is almost identical to the Pacemaker Speed Graphic, but made without the focal plane shutter, which reduced weight, and increased access to wide-angle lenses shorter than about 65mm. Just like the Speed Graphic, the Crown Graphic was sold with an optional side-mounted Kalart rangefinder until 1955. Therefore, the above shown Crown Graphic is pre-1955.

buy a professional camera
buy a professional camera
Hacking Digital Cameras (ExtremeTech)
Why waste a thousand words?
Photos tell stories. And the more you can do with your digital camera, the better the story you can tell. So build a remote control and sneak up on that picture that keeps eluding you. Create an adapter that lets you use SLR-type lenses on your point-and-shoot. Play with lens magnification or create a pinhole lens. Beef up flash memory. And that's just where the tale begins. The ending is up to you.
Hack any digital camera
Illustrated step-by-step directions for more than 20 hacks, including:
Building triggers
Accessing raw sensor data
Making accessory lens adapters
Eliminating the infrared blocking filter
Extending lenses
Making reverse macro adapters
Building a monopod
Creating bicycle and car mounts
Hacking microdrives from other devices

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