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Dslr Camera For Beginners

dslr camera for beginners
    for beginners
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    dslr camera
  • A digital single-lens reflex camera (digital SLR or DSLR) is a digital camera that uses a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera.
dslr camera for beginners - Digital SLR
Digital SLR Photography, Show Me How Videos
Digital SLR Photography, Show Me How Videos
Digital SLR Photography
With Mark Duehmig
How to get the most from the functionality on your camera:
What makes digital SLRs different than film cameras
Take control of your camera exposure
Manual control of shutter speed for better stop-action photos How to adjust your camera for any lighting conditions
Avoid common mistakes with multifunction cameras
Getting the best results from your lenses
Adjusting the aperture to make your subjects stand out
Using the controls of your camera to achieve specific affects

How to turn the flexibility of your camera into better photos:
Composing photos for best creative effect
Understanding depth of field
Using light metering systems to make sure your subjects are perfectly exposed
What accessories are must-have and what you should do without
Choosing a tripod and camera bag
Reviewing your photos in the field How to protect your equipment from drops and weather
What to do with the photos once you ready to transfer them

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Norcent DCS-1050
Norcent DCS-1050
Overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase. I can't say that it's comparable to Canon or Nikon, but it's not a crappy megapixel camera with a crappy lens with a crappy feel. It's well-built, solid. Definitely good for a beginner, people who like cheap things that work, and people who need a backup camera in case their "better" camera's LCD cracks, or whatever. Because the Norcent has an acrylic cover on top of the LCD, it is well-protected. I enjoy the video modes, and the quality so far. I bought this to replace my Powershot SD500, and while I can't say it's as good as a Powershot, this was worth every penny. A compact generic camera that fits comfortably in your pocket w/o it bulging out. The lens isn't the sharpest thing. In fact it distorts straight lines at the widest angle. I wouldn't recommend it to you if you're really tight about straightness. If you're into curves, have at it. I have heard there was a huge shutter lag. When I'm shooting at high speed, I'll use my DSLR, but I was able to capture candid moments on the fly with this camera. A couple quirks it has is that the graininess of 1600 is ugly. You see a lot of horizontal lines. Try staying below 800. Shoot with flash at night or in dark buildings, but in the sunlight, this is a fun camera to use. Macro mode doesn't focus too well. Gotta give it a couple tries until it gets it right. I wish they included a manual focus mode kind of like how the prosumer digital cameras do. Some other quirks: Lens retracts during playback mode which seems to drain the battery a lot. There is no way to turn off the LCD (wish they had that function to save battery life during standby). Face detection doesn't seem to work. Flash seems too powerful at close distances. Make sure you keep yourself a few paces back.
DSLR Workshops in Whitehorse
DSLR Workshops in Whitehorse
Want to take better photos? Watch for registration details and course description on my first photography workshop, "Bringing it into Focus" - Oct 22 - a one day intensive workshop in Whitehorse. This workshop is geared for the beginner to lower-intermediate DSLR photographers. You’ll learn the decision-making process in creating unique, beautifully composed images, using depth of field, ISO, lens selection, and shutter speed. Wean yourself off that automatic setting and show your camera who’s boss!

dslr camera for beginners
dslr camera for beginners
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Bushnell Natureview 15 - 45x60 Spotting Scope... well suited for the back country or the back porch! Compact Spotting Scope give naturalists and birders a window on the world! Ultra long eye relief lets you use this Scope with eyeglasses or sunglasses. Fully coated optics brighten the picture and a wide field-of-view keep the whole scene "in frame". You'll see their value clearly too at our affordable price! Features and specifications: Camera adapter; Wide field-of-view ; Fully coated optics; Protective rubberized surface ; Magnification x objective lens 15-45x60; Field of view at 100 yards 150' at 15x; 38' at 45x; Close focus 30 ft.; Exit pupil 4 mm at 15x; 1.4 at 45x; Weight 29 ozs. ; Length 14.; Nature's beauty calls for a needle-clear view, so order your Natureview Spotting Scope today! Bushnell Natureview 15-45x60 Spotting Scope

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