Large format camera backpack - H264 ip camera - Focal length equivalent to 35mm camera.

Large Format Camera Backpack

large format camera backpack
    camera backpack
  • (Camera Backpacks) Backpacks with specialized compartments designed to hold and protect cameras and camera accessories.
    large format
  • Name for the  analogue Planfilm-System. The greatest filmsize in film-based photography . Typical picture sizes are 4 x 5 and 9 x 12 cm.
  • any drawing size bigger than A3. Aka wide format.
  • Large format describes large photographic films, large cameras, view cameras (including pinhole cameras) and processes that use a film or digital sensor, generally 4 x 5 inches (10x13 cm) or larger. The most common large formats are 4x5 and 8x10 inches (20x25 cm).
large format camera backpack - Lowepro Vertex
Lowepro Vertex 300 AW Backpack
Lowepro Vertex 300 AW Backpack
A premium backpack for the serious adventure bound photographer or sports photojournalist, the Vertex 300 AW is made for the outdoors. Rugged construction with water resistant zippers and a seam-sealed All Weather Cover protects gear while providing photographers with a bag that conforms to a variety of body types with an adjustable 8-point harness system. Combine that with pockets and features that are made for today's digital photographer and the Vertex 300 AW delivers adjustable comfort with serious camera protection.

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What's in my camera bag?
What's in my camera bag?
When I bought my large format camera off Craigslist, it came with a nice wooden carrying case the size of a small suitcase. Hardly practical for carrying it more than a few feet from the car, definitely not something I could carry on a plane, and not rugged enough to put into checked baggage. After careful planning, I've got things organized to the point where I can fit everything in this photo (except the box of film and tripod) into the LowPro backpack. The box of film stays at home for now, since I don't have a dark changing tent for loading the film holders out in the field, that's something I still have to do in a dark bathroom at home. The tripod I'll just have to carry separately. My big concern is keeping the ground glass padded and protected enough that there's no risk of it being broken as I bang around. It'll be interesting to see how quickly I can set things up out in the field. Should be fun. Total weight (without the tripod): 15 pounds. Addendum: After taking the camera out earlier tonight to shoot downtown, it took me about 5 minutes to unpack things, assemble the camera, and get it on the tripod. About the same amount of time to pack it down.
Camera Porn - Toyo Field 45CF
Camera Porn - Toyo Field 45CF
I promise that this is the last camera porn...for a while, anyway! Here is a shot of the business end of my Toyo Field 45CF. A 4x5 large format field camera with a high tech carbon fiber body and weighs in at a little more than three pounds (1.5kg). It can fold up and fit quite nicely into my backpack with lens still mounted and has a reversible Graflok back for portrait orientation. Many consider it an entry level large format camera, as it does not have any rear movements. However, I have yet to need those movements to make the amazing images that I get with it. Considering that it is about $1,400USD less than the metal body 45AII, it is a very appealing camera for novice or pro alike. It looks fabulous on black, so go ahead and click in it! Camera: Canon EOS 40D Lens: Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 EX DC Macro @50mm Exposure: 1/250 sec @ f/4.0ISO 200 Lighting: Canon 430EX with custom light modifier off camera right and fired with Canon ST-E2 This image is © Douglas Bawden Photography, please do not use without prior permission. Enjoy my photos and please feel free to comment. The only thing that I ask is no large or flashy graphics in the comments.

large format camera backpack
large format camera backpack
New Pro AW Photo Video D SLR Digital Camera Backpack Bag Heavy Duty
A perfect combination of quick access and heavy duty, this high-performance backpack with 2 compartments takes 3 TRIPODS; and 2 pro SLRs, 7-9 lenses up to 800mm, flash and accessories; or medium format system, including large 6 x 7 cameras; or large format field camera with film holders and lenses; or professional video system. Adjustable side straps with buckles for extra security and storage. Curved, easy-grip compression handle for carrying convenience. The whole camera insert or camera dividers may be removed to use as a traditional pack or a general purpose protective bag with light weight. Extra cloth over and beneath zippers provides water resistance. Twin dust-reduction revered zippers. Dimension: 21" L x 12" W x 8" H. Fits torso: 13 - 18 inches. Fits waist/hips: 24 - 48 inches. LIFETIME WARRANTY. BRAND NEW. Note: The tripod in the picture is not included.

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