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Info at a glance:  Series about a girl that looks like a guy, and a guy who is secretly crossdressing as a girl. 

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:Basic Info:

 Artist:  Emura

Volumes:  14 (Complete)



Makato must spend the last two years of high school posing as a girl in order to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor, which confuses things with a good friend at school when she finds out.


It starts out fun, but ends up dragged on. The characters are good, but as said before, the plot still stretches out. I think it would've been more enjoyable if it ended around volume 7 or so.

Still, if you're a fan of gender-benders and shoujo, then you may be more inclined to liking it than I am.

:Overall Score:

Art: 7/10.  The drawings are god, but it doesn't stand out.

Story:  7/10.  Again, it could've been a 9 if it ended earlier.

Overall:  7/10.  Not great, but not that bad.

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