Axis2M - Manga Review

:Suikoden 3:

Info at a glance:  Popular series based off the rpg videogame about protagonists who are protecting their land. 

:Basic Info:

Author/artist is SHIMIZU Aki. It's 11 volumes long, completed.

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War erupts between the Grasslands and Zexen, and eventually Harmonia.  It's up to the new Fire Bringer to bring peace to the land, with the help of other true rune bearers.  Also, a masked man  plagues the land.


I played a bit of the game, so when I started reading this series, it felt very nostalgic. The manga delivers a well-rounded portrayal of the game. For instance, it chooses a certain character for the fire-bringer, and somehow fits in many of the 108 stars.

Whether you've played the game or not, you'll be immersed into an intruiging world of characters you'll come to warm up to.

Extra info: It's licensed into English by Tokyopop, so it should be available in your region if you live in the US. 

:Overall Score:

Art: 8/10.  It's a bit off for some characters, but not that bad.

Story: 9/10.  Pertains well for the game, though strays a bit.

Overall: 9/10.  It's one of the best series of its time.

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